Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker MOD APK (Menu, High Rewards) 0.8.0809.22

Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker MOD APK Info

Activate the mod and see the first ad, you can buy what you want.

Feel like there’s nothing to do? Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker will help you. Press with two fingers and become the greatest hero in history. Your hard work and determination will defeat even the most fearsome monsters. It sounds odd, but it’s an activity that’s a lot of fun. If you like it, you’ll find a direction you’ve never tried before. Entertainment doesn’t have to come from scratch. It can come from simple things, but poses great challenges.

It can be said that Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker is an interesting idle game. The main proof is that it has been warmly received by players around the world right after its launch. Matches are available for older and less powerful devices. The game requires finger pressing down on the target. Journey to destroy strange monsters we have never seen before. Even though it’s so simple, it’s never boring. Helps reduce stress you may experience in your life.

Download Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker mod – tap to kill all monsters

As a hero, your sole purpose is to destroy dangerous monsters. Each hit deals damage and causes the enemy’s HP to gradually deplete. More specifically, every time you kill a monster, you will receive a reward for yourself. Accumulated bonuses can be used to upgrade strength. Thanks to that, he became more and more powerful and was able to destroy monsters faster. Sometimes you can let the system automatically deal damage to monsters. Suitable for resting when too tired or want to do other things. However, the speed will not be as fast as when activated.

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many currencies

Currency in Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker plays a very important role in your development. They are divided into three categories in your inventory: Gold, Quartz, and Diamond. Gold will help you increase the power of monsters. Quartz will help you enhance the effectiveness of attacks against monsters. Finally, the diamonds help you buy valuable items in the shop. Diamonds will be scarce and can be purchased by recharge. The more resources you gather from your campaign, the easier it will be for you to invest in your goals. Make the way to kill monsters easier.

Tap Hero Idle RPG Clicker mod for free

ferocious monster

Of course, you will fight and defeat the scary monsters on the screen. There are different types and their shapes and statistics. After killing these monsters, you will receive a certain amount of gold coins. Along with that is the material to upgrade the monster itself. You can use your coins to unlock new monsters and power them up. As such, you will gain valuable stats and quickly destroy other monsters. Every ten normal monsters, a boss will appear. This guy has a hard time swallowing, so he wants to smack them all.

Click Hero Idle RPG Clicker mod apk

generous rewards

When you log in or participate in daily activities, you will receive many beautiful gifts. Most of them are the right ingredients to make your upgrade go smoothly. Players can complete required objectives to earn these rewards. However, watching videos for a specified period of time is also quite effective. Anything received contributes to your strength in the Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker mod.

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Download Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker MOD APK (Menu, High Rewards) for Android

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