Baby lamb is able to stand on his own for the first time thanks to his unique wheelchair

Life can be challenging for animals with disabilities who find it difficult to manage on their own.

But fortunately, there are kind individuals willing to step in and help, using a little ingenuity to give these creatures the freedom they need.

A charity group recently provided a baby lamb with a personalized wheelchair to help her get through life.

Kicki was born on a farm but fought for his life after being rejected by his mother.

The sheep rely on their mother for food, and the mother’s refusal leaves them emaciated and unable to move on their own.

Fortunately, the group took the lamb, promising to give it a second chance.

Although the lamb had overcome the obstacles and was well cared for, its rescuers realized that it would not be safe until it was able to stand on its own.

‘She spent most of her early life lying down and could only lie on one side of her body, causing pressure sores to develop painfully,’ the blog post said.

Luckily, a charity was able to help her by putting a harness on her.

Being able to stand on your own two feet is a big step!’ Although the recovery process will be lengthy, her guardians are delighted and pleased with the baby’s growth.

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