Mind-boggling optical illusion puts your eyes AND mind to the test – but can you work out what’s going on?

Do you think you’re sober?

Well, this new optical illusion is designed to test your eyes and mind!


If you stare into the center of this optical illusion, your eyes will trick you into thinking the vortex is moving Credit: Jackpotjoy

Designed by Jackpot Joy, the illusion occurs when you look at the center of this spiral.

By doing this, it will start to blur and spin, even though the image itself is completely static.

Your eyes will start to see movement, but they will remain completely still!

Looking at this spiral pattern produces a hypnotic effect known as a “spiral wake.”

Once your eyes adjust to the movement of the propeller, the still image appears to shrink or grow in the opposite direction.

It is said that staring at this type of spiral image can even affect your ability to read words for a while afterwards, as they can temporarily bounce in front of your eyes.

Why not give it a try and see if it works for you?

Optical illusions often use shapes, spaces, positions, color contrasts, and lines to trick people’s minds.

Previously, Gala Spins shared multiple images to examine the difference in individual perception and concluded that up to 71 percent of viewers believed that static dots moved in the case of a single mind-blowing image.

Bhavin Shah, a behavioral optometrist at Central Vision Opticians, explained the illusions.

He said: “The rotational motion is caused by complex image signal processing.

“The brain assumes that the eyes are steady and not moving, so it has to assume that the pattern is moving, so the pattern starts to move.”

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Bhavin added: “Some people have more of these small eye movements than others, and some are more sensitive to contrast in pattern, so there will be some variation in the appearance of the movements.”

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