BBC2 is Dedicating an Evening to Blur?

Join BBC2 for an evening dedicated to Blur, featuring an exclusive Radio 2 In Concert performance and a celebration of their iconic music.
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BBC2 is Dedicating an Evening to Blur? 

Yes, BBC2 is dedicating an evening to the iconic British band Blur. The event will feature a variety of content that celebrates Blur’s music, career, and recent reunion. The evening’s highlight is Blur: Radio 2 in Concert, where the band’s original members – Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Dave Rowntree – reunite after thirty-five years for a series of gigs, including two performances at Wembley.

During these concerts, Blur not only performs their impressive back catalogue, which includes hits like “Tender,” “Song 2,” “Beetlebum,” and “Girls and Boys,” but they also showcase their new album, “The Ballad of Darren,” their first release since 2015’s “The Magic Whip.”

Drummer Dave Rowntree reflects on the band’s popularity, mentioning that touring is now more exciting than ever, with Blur becoming increasingly popular despite their hiatus. He humorously suggests that the less they do, the more popular they become, even musing that playing at Wembley Stadium a decade ago would have been unimaginable.

Jo Whiley, the host of Radio 2 in Concert, expresses her own excitement as a long-time fan of Blur. She looks forward to their intimate performance at the BBC’s Radio Theatre in New Broadcasting House, London, in front of a small audience of Radio 2 listeners. Jo Whiley has been following the band’s journey since almost 30 years ago when she first interviewed them with Steve Lamacq on Radio 1’s Evening Session.

The dedicated evening on BBC2 does not stop at the Radio 2 in Concert performance. It begins at 8.25pm with “Blur at the BBC,” a documentary showcasing memorable moments from the band’s history, drawn from the BBC’s archive. Following the Radio 2 concert, viewers will have the chance to witness Blur’s emotional performance at Glastonbury in 2009. The evening will conclude with a special episode of “Top of the Pops” featuring Blur.

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This event aims to not only celebrate Blur’s successful music career but also to remind both devoted fans and casual listeners that the band’s significance extends beyond their famous chart battle with Oasis during the summer of 1995. Blur has made an indelible mark on British music, and their comeback is a cause for celebration and nostalgia.

Radio 2 in Concert with Blur

BBC Radio 2 is organizing a special event called “Radio 2 In Concert” featuring the iconic British band Blur. The concert will be held at the BBC’s Radio Theatre in New Broadcasting House, London, and it will be an exclusive live performance by Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Dave Rowntree.

This celebration of live music is part of the BBC’s summer music extravaganza, which spans across radio, TV, BBC Sounds, and BBC iPlayer. The concert is scheduled for Tuesday, 18th July, from 7 pm to 9 pm and will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds. For those who prefer to watch the concert, it will be streamed in vision on BBC iPlayer.

The tickets for this exclusive event will be allocated through a ballot system, and fans can apply for a chance to attend the concert on the BBC’s website until 9th July. Jo Whiley, the host of Radio 2 In Concert, expressed her excitement about the event, stating that she has been a huge fan of Blur for many years and is thrilled to have them back with new material.

Blur’s drummer, Dave Rowntree, also shared his enthusiasm, mentioning that the band will be playing a mix of their favorite old and new tracks during the concert. The performance is part of Blur’s 35-year anniversary celebration, and it comes following the announcement of their new album, “The Ballad of Darren,” set to be released later in July.

In addition to the Radio 2 In Concert performance, BBC Sounds is launching a special Blur Artists Icon collection, which includes various programs related to the band. One of the programs, “Blur At The BBC,” will tell the band’s story through their music and archive interviews, and it will be broadcasted on Radio 2 on Sunday 9th July from 12 am to 1 am.

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The BBC’s summer of live music doesn’t stop there; BBC Four and BBC Two will also contribute with themed music nights throughout the season. BBC Four will dedicate Friday nights to live music, showcasing performances from various artists across decades, including legendary acts like David Bowie, Elton John, Blondie, and more.

On BBC Two, viewers can enjoy a celebration of Motown and Girls Bands Nights, as well as Rihanna’s headline set from BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in 2010. Overall, the BBC’s dedication to live music aims to entertain audiences with a diverse range of musical performances and celebrate the rich history of live music across different genres. For fans of Blur and music enthusiasts in general, the Radio 2 In Concert with Blur promises to be a night to remember.


BBC Two is a British public broadcast television channel operated by the BBC. It offers a diverse range of programming with a focus on depth and substance, setting it apart from the more mainstream BBC One. The channel is funded by the television licence fee and does not feature commercial advertising. Being well-funded as a public service channel, it consistently achieves a higher audience share compared to many other public-service channels worldwide.

Originally known as BBC2, it was the third British TV station to be launched on April 21, 1964, and became Europe’s first regular color television channel from July 1, 1967. BBC Two was designed to provide a home for less conventional and more ambitious content, a legacy that continues to this day. However, certain special-interest programs that were previously broadcast on BBC Two, such as the BBC Proms, are now often featured on BBC Four.

In a global study conducted by the polling organization Populus for the BBC, BBC Two was rated as the world’s third-highest quality television channel, following BBC One and Brazil’s TV Cultura. Publicly funded television channels were generally rated higher in quality than commercial channels.

Overall, BBC Two remains a prominent platform for thought-provoking and distinctive programming, enriching the television landscape with its diverse content offerings.

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Blur (band)

Blur is an English rock band formed in London in 1988. The group comprises singer Damon Albarn, guitarist Graham Coxon, bassist Alex James, and drummer Dave Rowntree. They gained recognition with their debut album, “Leisure” (1991), blending Madchester and shoegaze influences.

Subsequently, embracing English guitar pop styles akin to The Kinks, The Beatles, and XTC, they achieved massive popularity in the UK with albums like “Modern Life Is Rubbish” (1993), “Parklife” (1994), and “The Great Escape” (1995). This era also marked the famed “Battle of Britpop,” as Blur competed with Oasis for chart supremacy.

With their eponymous fifth album in 1997, Blur underwent another evolution, incorporating lo-fi elements from American indie rock and achieving significant success in the US with the hit “Song 2.” The band continued to experiment on their sixth album, “13” (1999), exploring electronic and gospel music while delving into more personal songwriting.

Blur’s seventh album, “Think Tank” (2003), reflected Damon Albarn’s growing interest in hip-hop and world music, incorporating minimal guitar work. The departure of Graham Coxon during the recording led to a hiatus after the subsequent tour. In 2009, Blur reunited with Coxon and embarked on a successful European reunion tour. In the following years, they released singles, compilations, and toured globally. In recognition of their enduring impact, they received a Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music in 2012.

After a twelve-year gap, Blur made a triumphant return with their eighth album, “The Magic Whip” (2015), which topped the UK charts. The band then took another hiatus before finally releasing their ninth album, “The Ballad of Darren,” in 2023. Throughout their career, Blur’s musical experimentation and distinctive sound have solidified their place as influential figures in the Britpop and rock music scene.

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