Book Of Life: Voice Cast & Characters Guide

book of life Thanks to their backstories, designs, and the actors who bring them to life, the characters manage to capture the essence of the Mexican Day of the Dead tradition. In 2014, director Jorge R. Gutierrez (Jorge R. Gutierrez) collaborated with producer Guillermo del Toro (Guillermo del Toro) to shoot a 3D fantasy adventure film book of life. The film tells the story of a matador who embarks on an adventure in the afterlife in order to return to the land of the living and reunite with the woman he loves.

The filmmakers behind book of life The film’s design draws a lot of inspiration from the Day of the Dead celebrations, and is filled with small details like the ubiquitous sugar skulls and many elements of Mexican culture incorporated into the characters’ costumes. book of life There is also a voice cast that includes many Mexican and Latino actors.

book of life Reviews received were mostly positive, praising its animation style but criticizing the storyline, with some claiming it failed to update the folklore tale for modern audiences. Still, the film offers a visually stunning adventure, so here are the main characters and the actors who voiced them.

Diego Luna as Manolo Sanchez

Manolo is a bullfighter whose true passion is music. He comes from a family of matadors, and his father Carlos (Héctor Elizondo) is very strict with him and suppresses his musical ambitions. He is kind, brave, but insecure and cares deeply about his family and friends. Manolo is later tricked by Xibalba, killed and sent to the Land of Memory, where he must undergo challenges to return to the Land of the Living.

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Mexican actor Diego Luna voices Manolo and wrote the songs “I Love You Too Much” and “I Will Wait” for the soundtrack ) and Radiohead’s cover of “Creep.”Luna is best remembered for his work in Your mother Tambien, Elysiumand Rogue One.

Zoe Saldana as Maria Posada

Maria's Book of Life

Maria is Manolo and Joaquín’s best friend and lover, which puts her in a love triangle. She is compassionate, energetic, yet rebellious. Although she’s caught in a bet between death and Xibalba over who will win her heart, she’s no damsel in distress – Maria knows self-defense and constantly stands up for herself.

Marí is voiced by Zoe Saldana, who has appeared in the following films: Star Trek and Infinite polar bears. She is a member of the Marvel Universe as Gamora, a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.Saldana to reprise her role as Neytiri in James Cameron’s film Avatar 2 and Avatar 3.

Channing Tatum as Joaquin Mondragon Jr.

The Book of Life Joaquin Channing Tatum

Joaquín is Manolo and Maria’s best friend and he shares Manolo’s feelings for Maria. Thanks to a medal Xibalba awarded him as a child, Joaquín became a hero in the town because he couldn’t get hurt. He is friendly, authoritative and easily influenced by those around him.Voice actor Channing Tatum 21 Jump Street, Magic Mikeand Fox Catcher. Apart from book of lifehe has also lent his voice to other animated films such as Superman The Lego Movie.

Kate del Castillo as La Muerte

Book of the Dead

La Muerte, the god of death, is the ruler of the Land of Memory and the wife of Xibalba. She made a bet with her estranged husband about who would win Marías’ heart, and Manolo showed his kindness by giving Marías a piece of bread when he approached him disguised as an old woman. She ultimately chose Manolo. She is a generous goddess who believes in human purity. However, she won’t tolerate cheaters, as she sees when she learns of Xibalba’s dirty tricks.Kate del Castillo is a Mexican actress known for Queen of the South and ingo bernable.She has also played the following roles No. 33 and upcoming Bad boy for life.

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Ron Perlman as Xibalba

Xibalba Book of Life

Xibalba is the ruler of the Forsaken Land and the husband of the God of Death. He is a manipulative liar who gives Joaquín a medal that will make him invincible so that he can win Maria’s heart, thus making Xibalba the winner of the bet. He is not entirely evil, but rather mischievous. Contrary to the God of Death, he does not believe that good exists in human nature.

Xibalba is played by Ron Perlman, who has appeared in many of Del Toro’s films, including Cronus, Blade Twoand Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.He is also a prolific voice actor, having appeared in Titan AE, Batman: The Animated Seriesand Hey Arnold!.

Ice Cube as the Candle Maker

Book of Life Candle Maker

The candle maker is a benevolent deity book of life He oversees the lives and stories of the living through candles and a book of the same name. He is cheerful, easy-going, and eccentric, but always strives to follow the rules and is responsible for maintaining a balance between the land that is remembered and the land that is forgotten. Ice Cube’s film debut receives critical acclaim boys under the hoodhe appeared in Barber Shop, Are we there yet?and 21 Jump Street.

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