Brian Glenn Wikipedia, Bio, Wiki, Twitter, Age, Net Worth, Partner

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Brian Glenn Wikipedia, biography, wiki, Twitter, age, net worth, partner

Brian Glenn Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Twitter, Age, Net Worth, Partner: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) had time for a very special interview in the van (drum roll please) of her so-called boyfriend , Right Side’s Brian Glenn Broadcasting Network, after being booed from the site of pro-Trump protests in Manhattan Tuesday morning.

Brian Glenn Wikipedia, biography, wiki, Twitter, age, net worth, partner

In an interview with her boyfriend, Marjorie Taylor Greene compares Donald Trump to Jesus and Nelson Mandela.

Hiding in a car with Glenn, Greene discussed the former president’s arrival in New York on Monday for the trial, comparing him to Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ. “President Trump is in jail today, joining some of the most notable figures in history.

Nelson Mandela was arrested and spent some time in prison. Jesus! Glenn nodded as Greene said: “The Roman government is responsible for capturing and killing Jesus. “Many people throughout history have been imprisoned and punished by radically corrupt administrations, and it starts today in New York. I can’t believe this is happening, but I will always be behind him.

Similar talking points from the Trump camp are echoed in Greene’s comments. According to a source who spoke to Rolling Stone, the former president will attempt to present himself as a Christ-like figure through his impending arrest to rally his followers: “He’s like Jesus Christ.

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He expresses, “I’m taking all this pain from everywhere so you don’t have to. I don’t remember Jesus being accused of paying illegal money to an adult movie actress for a secret, but I haven’t studied the Bible carefully. Can I just say that Greene’s hair-raising interview with Glenn in his car on Tuesday wasn’t the weirdest part of it all, despite comparing Trump to Jesus and Mandela? The Georgia representative often makes unreasonable comments.

He has compared covid laws to the Holocaust and recently spent much of a 60 Minutes Sunday interview referring to the Democratic Party as “pedophiles.” So overall, I was ready for her to compare Trump to Jesus.

Glenn recently followed Greene in the back of a car on her way to a black-tie dinner in Pennsylvania, posing as her date. Glenn asked Greene about his thoughts on the Trump impeachment. This is what I mean today by accessible journalism. I’m too angry. Greene informed him: “I am too angry to record a video.

Greene and Glenn actually have quite a bit of history together right now, even though all of their interviews with each other seem to come out at the same time. According to the Daily Mail, both couples filed for divorce from their partners around the same time in September 2022.

(This, of course, follows the Daily Mail revelation that Greene originally cheated on ex-husband Perry Greene in 2012.) Greene and Glenn have been rumored to be inseparable since November. They are a veritable far-right power couple who often go out to dinner and meetings while in Greene’s hometown.

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