Try to spot all 5 gardening-related words hidden in the picture. Can you spot all 5 words in 21 seconds?

In this puzzle, you have to find all five words hidden inside a picture of a family gardening on a farm.

Inside the picture, you can see a man watering a tree and a woman picking fruit from the tree. A child is sowing a tree in the garden.

This puzzle proves to be a challenge even for the toughest puzzles.

Can you spot all 5 hidden words in this picture? At first, you probably won’t notice all the words right away.

But after a few seconds, you can spot the words hidden inside the picture. The five words hidden inside the picture are — Bloom, Pot, Vegetable, Water and Garden.

1. The word ‘Bloom’ is written on the cloud in the picture.

2. The word ‘Pot’ is written on the shirt of the man in the photo.

3. The word ‘Vegetable’ is written on the tree in the picture.

4. The word ‘Water’ is written on the water flowing through the pipe in the picture.

5. The word ‘Garden’ is written on the flowers in the picture.

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