True friendship. The loyal panda continues to visit its owner who saved it even after it was released into the wild

At the time the panda was seen alone on the highway, the panda’s future didn’t seem so bright and bright. The boy had to live a difficult life when he was only a few weeks old and unfortunately without his parents by his side.

Although after the rescue, finding a place to stay was a problem. Fortunately, one of the rescuers, Nikki Robinson, reached out to the pandas.

The kind woman couldn’t notice the panda and left it alone. Because of this, he felt sorry for the panda and it touched her and she decided to support the panda. The panda was so lonely and hopeless and the woman could hardly contain herself.

Nikki Robinson, a kind and generous woman decided to do whatever it takes to save the little life. Since the woman hardly worked all day, she decided to bring the panda home to her mother to take care of it because her mother needed a friend.

Her mother did not work and the panda became her good partner. They named the little creature “Little Hands”. Since then, raccoons and retirees have forever become true friends.

The pensioner takes good care of the panda and bottle feeds it. The woman takes care of the panda in a kind and sweet way. They become inseparable and their relationship becomes strong.

Thanks to Nikki and her mother, the panda made an amazing recovery and became just as strong after a few months. After raising pandas for 3, 4 months, people leave food in the yard. Racoon even goes far from home.

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Although when the raccoon kept reaching out to the pensioner who saved her life, it’s been 3 years since they haven’t seen each other.

The raccoon visits the woman and caresses her, and the woman always feeds the panda. The panda makes this lonely woman’s life bright and cheerful.

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