IMAGE. A pit bull with no eyesight changed a lonely kitten’s life with his strong and positive behavior.

A pit bull named Jude was blind and was adopted by a lovely family when the owners wanted him most and the dog’s assistance in comforting the family’s kitten. This blind dog changed a kitten’s life for the better.

These dogs and cats with disabilities tell us that despite overcoming difficulties, they are still happy, mischievous and independent as in the case of this blind pit bull. Even the owner, Nicole Kogan, who adopted the pit bull, was surprised by the dog’s positive behavior.

The dog behaves like a normal dog, it doesn’t even care about its health problems. The dog has a good relationship with other animals in the house. He is very conscious and careful not to even hit the wall. He concentrates very easily at home.

Jude loves spending time with people, with any pet. Pit bull is very energetic. Pit bulls like to be washed with hot water and then they like to dry completely. Pit bull is a unique puppy.

Pit bull Jude arrived just in time to help his adoptive family get through the absence of the adorable animal Dexter. Dexter died of many diseases.

The family had a difficult time dealing with the loss. Oscar helps and behaves as if he doesn’t know that the dog is blind and helps the dog in its daily activities.

The pit bull is an inspiration in the family and has changed the atmosphere in the house. He is taken care of with so much love. He is a very important member of the family.

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