Can you spot the bird hiding in this photo? It shows you’re REALLY clever if you do it in under a minute

A PICTURE of a stunning view of the Scottish Highlands has been turned into a tricky puzzle.

Laurence Debailleul, from Belgium, was climbing Ben Wyvis north of Inverness when he snapped the photo of the beautiful mountain.


At first glance, the image shows a series of rocks located in the Scottish HighlandsCredit: Caters News AgencyLaurence Debailleul took a mysterious photo while climbing in the Scottish Highlands


Laurence Debailleul captured the mysterious image while climbing in the Scottish Highlands Credit: Caters News Agency

He later realized that he had captured an unexpected photobomber who was camouflaged among the surroundings.

At first glance, it appears as if there are a series of rocks scattered across the hill.

But if you look closely, you can see a bird in the lower left corner of the image.

Spectators who can locate a bird in less than a minute may have an advantage over their peers who cannot.

The image first appeared online in 2016, but it has resurfaced among a new audience of optical illusion fans.

Laurence, 51, said: “At first I heard the noise of the birds, but I struggled to make them out, then I saw four of them blending into the background.

“I took a few photos hoping to capture one of them.

“While going through my photos from that day, I thought I had lost them, but just as I was about to press delete, I noticed.

“I was very surprised to see how well camouflaged the bird was.”

Blending perfectly with his past, he proves that he is one of the natural masters of disguise.

In another tricky riddle, can you spot the impressive bird perfectly camouflaged on the pebble beach?

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The photograph taken by Raphael Golez has viewers squinting trying to see the little bird and its long tail.

Located on Winchelsea beach in East Sussex, the bird, a pied herder, is barely visible with its grey, black and white plumage acting as the perfect camouflage to blend in with the peaceful landscape.

In another image, shared by Times Now News, the first thing you see says a lot about your attitude and actions in life.

It may seem obvious at first, but there are several different animals that you can notice.

Each of them has a definitive answer about your attitude towards life.

If you look closely, you can see a grouse hiding out front.


If you look closely you can spot a grouse hiding out frontCredit: Caters

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