Captain Pike’s 3 Strange New Worlds Love Interests Explained

Star Trek: Strange New WorldCaptain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) may not be as notorious a playboy as Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner), but he has had a few notable love affairs. Pike was originally played by Jeffrey Hunter as the commander of the Enterprise in the first episode pilot Star Trek: Original Series, “cage.” Hunter refuses to return the second pilot “where no one has ever been” and is replaced by Shatner’s Kirk.Pike – played by Sean Kenny in heavy make-up – at Terms of Service Season 1 episode “The Menagerie”, but the opposite has become interstellar travel footnotes.

Captain Pike’s stature on the team grew exponentially when Mount took on this role Interstellar Travel: Discover Part 2, takes place about ten years before the events Star Trek: Original Series. DetectPike’s version became so popular that Paramount gave him his own spin-off, Star Trek: Strange New Worldnow supposed to be the top interstellar travel Shown after the dizzying first season. While his romances haven’t been the main focus of the film so far, he has enjoyed some romantic entanglements, though those tend to end badly for people. kind captain.

3 Vina

Verna (Melissa George) doesn’t really appear in Star Trek: Strange New World However, she is an important part of Pike’s story. Verna first appeared in the first part Star Trek: Original Series The “Cage” pilot is played by Susan Oliver. She is part of a scientific expedition to investigate the Talos system; The survey ship crashed on Talos IV, and Veena was the sole survivor, severely injured. The inhabitants of Talos IV, Talosians with powerful telepathy, saved Vina’s life, but she was severely disfigured because the Talosians had no reference to how humans fit together.

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Talos has a special interest in Vena and humanity in general, and eventually lures Pike and the Enterprise to the planet in an attempt to find a mate for Vena. Talos believes Pyke is the right mate for Verna and tries to force him to stay with Verna on Talos IV through a complex series of hallucinations. Although Pike clearly has feelings for Verna, he ultimately refuses to remain on the planet under Talos’ influence, and leaves Venna on Talos IV, leaving her to continue to wallow in his bogus life. me.

Three years later, while Pike is in command of the USS Discovery, Verna appears aboard his ship and she reveals that Talos is harboring Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin Green) and Lieutenant Spock (Esen Peck), the latter of She has severe schizophrenia. After Talosian healed Spock’s mind, Vina tried to convince Pike to let Burnham and Spock escape dangerous Area 31 agents. Pike agreed to help his Vulcan friends, and one day Spock Spock will return his favor.

Parker’s last official appearance to date was at Star Trek: Original Series The two-part series “The Menagerie”. Shortly after being promoted to fleet captain and handing over command of the USS Enterprise to Captain Kirk, Pike was fatally injured in an accident aboard the training ship. Pike is severely deformed, unable to move or speak, and can only communicate through an advanced wheelchair that syncs with his mind. After visiting the damaged Pike, Spock (Leonard Nimoy) takes command of the Enterprise and sets off for Talos IV, leading to a military trial and possibly execution.

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The events of “The Cage” are narrated through a mysterious video feed aboard the USS Enterprise, which is eventually revealed to be a Talosian projection. Spock’s plan is finally revealed – he intends to bring Pike back to Talos IV so the Talosians can create a non-existent life for him after his severe injuries. After Kirk confirms that Pike wishes to return to Talos IV, Spock escorts Pike – his former captain and friend – off the ship, where he instantly recovers and reunites with Veena so they can be happy. spend the rest of their lives together.

2 Minister Alora

strange new world alola parker

Alora (Lindy Booth) is a Majalan minister that Pike joined ten years before the events. Star Trek: Strange New WorldHe reunites with her in episode 1 “Take Us To Where Misery Can’t Go”, when the USS Enterprise rescues her space shuttle which is being attacked by unidentified assailants. Alora asks Pike to help protect a boy assigned to be Majalis’ first servant during the upcoming Ascension ceremony.

Pike and Alora rekindle their romance, and Pike even confides in Alora that he knows his tragic future has haunted him. Alora offers to keep Pike in Majalis to avoid his fate, but those plans fail when Pike learns that the boy designated as the First Servant will be plugged into the planet’s electrical system, which This will eventually kill him. Unable to rescue the boy and face a possible diplomatic disaster, Pike leaves Alora and Majalis in disgust.

1 captain battle

Battle Strange New World premiere

After getting a glimpse of his own grim future through the Klingon time crystal on the planet Boreth Interstellar Travel: Discover In season 2, Pike left Starfleet, it is unknown if he will return in the first episode Star Trek: Strange New World, Pike lives on Earth and has a casual romantic relationship with Captain Battle (Melanie Scrovano), the Starfleet officer commanding the Cayuga. Battelle, unaware of his future vision, gently encouraged Pike to return to Enterprise. Following her advice, Pike accepts her fate and returns to duty.

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While their relationship seems warm and agreeable, Pike and Battle end up clashing. After Starfleet discovers that Pike’s second-in-command, Una-Chin Riley (Rebecca Romijn), is a genetically enhanced Illyrian, Battle is ordered to board the Enterprise and capture her, rendering Pike invisible. equally angry. The tension between Pike and Batel is an important aspect of what’s to come. Star Trek: Strange New World Season 2.

Star Trek: Strange New World Season 2 will premiere on Paramount+ in 2023.

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