Cash, Inc. MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.3.36

Cash, Inc. is a very attractive real estate game. Recently, Cash, Inc. has attracted a lot of interest, bringing you into a world where you are a real estate entrepreneur. During the signing of the contract, a monumental tower of the estate was built. Rich in services, covering all fields and topics in the world. The game has been around for a long time, but it is still loved by the player community because of its simple but extremely attractive gameplay.

Received widespread attention from gamers. Updates by Cash, Inc. It’s fast and fun every term. We will enter the world of screen real estate. We had to start from scratch to claim the title of the most prestigious real estate in the world. By attracting business ventures and steadily increasing sales. We will have the opportunity to move to a new location and continue our business journey.

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You play as a real estate apprentice. Own a ramshackle building. Here, you will begin your journey to conquer the world of real estate and earn huge amounts of money. Start by placing an order at grocers, sporting goods stores, and small cafes. Earn your first coins and use them to upgrade your modern shop and have more managers. Income is also increased by improving the floors of the building.

The gameplay is extremely simple, just touch the screen. All actions and activities in the game can be done with just your finger. Build and develop towers with more floors. Upgrade between floors for a steady income. Only to unlock more floors with attractive services. Just to discover more surprising features that we will discuss in the next section.

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Diverse flooring system

Every floor of a building is part of your real estate project. Including various shops such as coffee shops, sushi restaurants, art galleries, fashion stores… and many other types of businesses. For a certain period of time, each floor will have a certain amount of income for us to collect. The higher it is, the more money you make. Collecting income from all tiers manually would be very time consuming. Please choose your own manager for each floor. By accessing the list of managers on each floor and hiring them. They automatically collect sales from the stores they run for you.

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Upgrade building architecture

When you get to the last floor, there will be a lot of sales on the floor. You will have the right to sign a contract. The goal is to turn your business into a more beautiful and luxurious building. After passing and moving to the new building, you will start again on the ground floor. But do not be discouraged, because the speed and base value of monetization in the new building will be a certain amount higher than the previous one. See how much you make in the old building. You can only sign a contract if your current house earns 1.1 times or more than your old house. So be patient in your business!

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get rich everywhere

If you are tired of running your business forever in a building with familiar stores. Cash, Inc. There’s also a very new surprise for you. You meet a mad scientist. He has successfully built a time machine that can teleport you to the future. From here, you will be transported to a world where everything is machines and robots. New building, new shop and new currency. You’ll still have the freedom to travel between two worlds, run two businesses at the same time, and truly become the most successful entrepreneur ever.

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A simple but engaging gameplay. Incorporate exciting content that players can explore forever. Cash, Inc. very fun to try and an affordable option for those with future entrepreneurial dreams. Everything will be decided by your hands and wisdom. To create an extremely successful and outstanding real estate business. Play the Cash, Inc mod and learn how to be a great boss!

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