Cat and Dag have been sleeping together since the day they first met

Half a year ago, a Reddit user named “doiha.vetosignpub” posted some pictures (on behalf of his mother) of his parents’ new kitten.

Six months later and very little seems to have changed, because although Moses is no longer a kitten, he and Mollu seem as inseparable as when they first met!

Moses got his name because he was abandoned at a very young age and later found by your beautiful prince (“either my mother or the dog, depending on who you ask” from our Reddit, real name is Helena). “My mother found it,” Helena told Bored Panda. “My parents live on a farm, and when my mother was walking her dog, she thought she heard a strange noise coming from the neighbor’s (empty) barn.

Our youngest dog (Freja) ran into the crate and found Moses, who looked like he was 3 weeks old.

Mom took him home and gave him something to eat. She has to go. bought the cat’s milk and thus left Moses alone with the dogs guarding him.”

Since then, Mollu has taken care of him as if he were her own child. Specifically, according to Helena, Moses now behaves more like a dog than a cat!

Check out the pictures below to see this amazing car in action. Who said dogs and cats don’t get along?

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