Chester the dog loves the ocean but doesn’t want to get his feet wet, meet the hilarious Chester!

Dogs seem to have their own logic. Sometimes it is difficult for their owners to understand their gestures and actions.

But they turned out to be a great source of happy family vibes. The dog Chester in this story is a perfect example. He loves the sea, but doesn’t want to get his feet wet. And that always makes his family laugh. Continue scrolling.

Chester is an extremely goofy and hyperactive dog. And that hasn’t changed since his days as a puppy. Lupa dared to express opinions and speak up. If he doesn’t like or doesn’t want to do something, he’ll show you how he thinks.

Chester’s mother told the media: “He’s a total jerk and always makes us laugh.” “With his constant angry and brazen glances or his frantic side glances, I swear, he’s practically human!” She continued.

When the Chester family plans a trip to the beach, he is always involved, but with little interest. The goofy guy is always interested in swimming pools, oceans, lakes, bathtubs, but he gets nervous when he comes here.

The crazy boy was still running around and playing on the beach, but he didn’t get his feet wet. Literally.

When the wave approached him, he quickly jumped away. This has become his “traditional” reaction to the waves every time he goes to the beach. And this hilarious scene always makes his family laugh. What a great guy.

Chester’s family desperately wants him to get along with the water, but it may take a while. Chester has a strong opinion on this. He still goes to swimming lessons, but he doesn’t like the waves getting his feet wet.

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“He’s going to come in now, but he’s still hesitating here and there or jumping over the waves (usually when the weather is really bad),” Chester’s mother said.

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