Chloë Grace Moretz Stated That She Didn’t Watch Her Debut Film “The Amityville Horror” Yet

The highly renowned 25-year-old actress Chlo Grace Moretz made an amazing guest visit on the fan-favorite The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her brand new, thrilling sci-fi Amazon Prime Video series, The Peripheral. Since the series’ debut, it has received a lot of great feedback from both the public and reviewers, particularly for actress Chlo Grace Moretz, who plays the main character of Flynne Fisher in the series.

Fans were ecstatic to see her on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, discussing the series and her great accomplishment in the film business. During the conversation, Jimmy Fallon showed a cute photo of Chlo Grace Moretz on the red carpet of her first feature film premiere event for The Amityville Horror. At the time, the actress was just five years old.

When Jimmy questioned Moretz whether she was permitted to see the film at that age, she replied:

“I was not permitted to view this film at all.”

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Chlo Grace Moretz discusses her new pastime and Judo talents.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Chlo Grace Moretz discussed why she was not permitted to see most of her films as a kid artist. She stated:

“Yeah. It was pretty amusing since I was doing R-rated or PG-13 movies for most of my career at the time. So my mother would have to wait until the movies were released on DVD before doing anything like a highlights reel. So you fast-forward and show me – just me – for around 10 minutes.”

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Apart from that, Chlo Grace Moretz discussed her new love of dirt biking. According to the actress:

“So I grew up riding ATVs but was never permitted to ride dirt bikes. My mother was adamantly opposed. So, obviously, I grew up and said, “I’m going to do it.” But the point is, while I’m on contract and shooting, I’m not permitted to do anything risky. You can’t rollerblade or do anything else. So when I’m not under contract, I say, “Let’s go for it.” And this is the most recent one.”

Following that, presenter Jimmy Fallon said that The Peripheral had a lot of intense action moments. In response, he inquired about the actress’s Judo classes as part of her preparation for the Prime Video series. Chloe Grace Moretz reacted, saying:

“Yeah, I began performing martial arts at the age of 11 in Kick-Ass….Tony, our great stunt coordinator, is a master judo champion for this one. And genuinely wanted me to participate. And I was overjoyed because that meant I can toss 160-180 pound guys over my shoulder and fly them, which seems like a lot of fun.”

Chloë Grace Moretz

Moretz then proceeded to display her judo skills to Jimmy Fallon, the show’s host. Here’s a link to the interview video:

Season 1 of The Peripheral premiered on the popular streaming platform Prime Video on October 21, 2022. The series has now published five episodes, with just three more to come.

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