Cobra Kai: The 10 Main Actors, Ranked From Tallest To Shortest

Grand cobra With a talented cast, including great actors of all ages and heights, as the show’s focus is from karate boy franchise, while also introducing their children and other kids into the dojo Johnny and Daniel brought back to the Valley.

The height difference between the actors is evident in the movie because Grand cobra The characters are constantly fighting against each other and preparing for battle. Some of the actors in Grand cobra Over 6 feet tall, some just over 5 feet tall, giving the main actors a variety of heights.

martinkov is back! Grand cobra describe him originally in karate boy trilogy of works.

While Kove loves villains and clearly enjoys playing Kreese, he’s definitely a scary and powerful character based solely on his performance, but his height and being the tallest protagonist for sure making him even scarier.

William Zabka – 6 feet

Johnny in a red jacket and headband in the park by Cobra Kai

actor william zabka Grand cobra As Johnny Lawrence, more than 30 years after playing the character in the first movie karate boy The opening scene of the film and the second movie. The movies portray Johnny as Daniel’s villain, but he’s never quite as villainous as Chris or Terry Silver in the third movie.

Zabka has done an excellent job of returning and shaping the characters in the film, and as the second tallest actor in the film, he tends to rise above the rest of the film.

Jacob Bertrand as Eli Moskowitz Hawk Gianni Decenzo as Demetri Reunion Cobra Kai

Gianni DeCenzo as Demetri Grand cobra And is the tallest young actor on the show. DeCenzo is only a few inches shorter than Kove and Zabka so he can match them, especially since he started taking karate lessons from Daniel LaRusso.

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While Dmitry may not be the most skilled boxer, he stands out on the show as the tallest actor of his age.

Daniel LaRusso Cobra Kai Part 3

Ralph Macchio Returns As Karate Kid Daniel LaRusso, Takes This Role Grand cobra He is arguably the most famous person of his career.

Macchio is one of the series’ small adult actors, but that doesn’t make LaRusso any less intimidating, especially in season three when old nemesis Chozen teaches him more Miyagi, who doesn’t need to be pampered. high or technical precision. strength instead of focusing on patience and precision to defeat your opponent.

Cobra Kai Part 3 Amanda Daniel LaRusso Motors

Courtney Henggeler as Daniel’s wife, Amanda LaRusso in the movie Grand cobraHenggeler is the same height as her on-screen husband Macchio, and although she doesn’t fight like the other main characters, she shows her confidence and strength in other ways in the show. submit.

She’s basically running LaRusso Auto, especially since Daniel is distracted by the dojo, and she doesn’t mind taking on Kreese in season three.

Miguel Diaz Cobra Kai on his phone

Xolo Maridueña as Miguel Diaz Kay cobra, who resembles johnny and daniel characters karate boy, Making him one of the funniest teenage characters on the show.

Maridueña is great in this role because he brings so much enthusiasm, joy, and emotion to the role of Miguel. He’s one of the taller young actors on the show and his character is one of the show’s best fighters.

Robbie smiles in Cobra Kai

Tanner Buchanan as Robby Keene, son of Johnny Lawrence Grand cobra And there’s a great balance of character similarities to Johnny and Daniel.

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Buchanan is shorter than the main cast, and when he’s standing alongside his counterpart, Miguel, and even his father, Johnny, the difference in height is very noticeable. Although shorter than his opponent, Robbie is an adept fighter after learning from Daniel to hone his technique and from Chris to learn strength and ruthlessness.

Eagles in front of the Cobra Kai gate

Jacob Bertrand has a wide range Grand cobra While he begins the series with the gentle and quiet Eli, he transforms into the cold, aloof, yet complex Hawke.

Bertrand, 5-foot-6, doesn’t wear a mohawk, but the mohawk hairstyle has given Hawk more than a new role and made him look taller on the show. Hawk doesn’t need size to be scary as he has an attitude that can pop up when he wants and has great skills as a fighter.

Tory Cobra Kai Part 3

List of Peyton as Tory Nichols Kay cobra, While the character didn’t appear until season 2 and didn’t get much screen time in season 3, she’s definitely a memorable character. Tory is independent, strong and has become a warrior, although she was skilled before joining Cobra Kai.

The 5-foot-6 Peyton List makes her character a few inches taller than her main antagonist, Sam LaRusso, but she’s intimidating enough without the height advantage.

Training the cobra Kai Sam LaRusso

While Sam LaRusso can be considered a hero on the surface, she’s much more complicated and makes a lot of mistakes, just like the other characters on the show. Mary Mouser plays Sam, Daniel’s daughter, and as the character transforms throughout the series, she’s able to give herself just the right amount of depth the character needs.

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Mouser is the shortest lead actor in the series, but that fact doesn’t make Sam any less intimidating as he engages in a fight with Tory, her arch-nemesis.

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