Company creates clever ‘wonky’ floor illusion to make people think twice about running… so would YOU walk across it?

A TILE company have created a mind-boggling optical illusion to try and discourage people from running down the hallway.

Manchester firm Casa Ceramica used a clever combination of black and white tiles to make the floor in their hallway appear uneven and as if a huge dip lurks by the wall.


The floor appears to be uneven but its all down to clever tilingCredit: Reddit/Casa Ceramica

The apparent slope gives the impression that those in a hurry could risk falling down the “drop”.

In fact, the floor is a completely flat surface, it’s simply the curved shape of each tile and the pattern they’ve been laid out that gives the hazardous appearance.

Duncan Cook, the director of Casa Ceramica, also shared a picture of the other side of the hallway on Twitter to reveal how the company had created the effect.

The tiles were laid in a curved pattern – which is easily seen from the alternative angle.

While it can be spotted from this perspective, a person looking into the building would see an apparent slope.

Duncan added that the illusion was more prominent on camera than in real life, tweeting: “It doesn’t look as bad to the human eye, only really come to life through the camera.”

Duncan also shared a video of himself walking across the floor without stumbling, to prove that it is indeed even.

A photo of the quirky floor found its way onto Reddit and many were quick to comment on the design – with some admitting that they wouldn’t fancy walking across the floor.

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One wrote:  “I feel like this will cause more falls than it prevents.”

Another added: “That would prevent me from walking in the hallway!”

Would you walk across the tiles?

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