Complaint or complaint FIR, no data

ক্র্যান কারিক্যান Nothing. . .


In criminal cases, the complainant is a police officer. This is one of the best. No.


The FIR has released its first informational report, but you have not seen it yet. He say. This is one of the best, this is one of the best. It includes information regarding the complainant, the defendant and your claim. .

The main complaint and gap of FIR

-Complaint of any person, witness या फिर टीसर , मुर्ण ह So I did it with me. s

-You can file a complaint, address of FIR रुप से एक अक्षिटिक दूचेश , जिस्टो He did it to him.

-You can file a complaint, की FIR

-Complaints and claims that you can file, FIR के आदार .

– There is no time limit for filing a complaint but there is a time limit after filing the FIR, after which the case is brought to court.

– Complaints are filed at पर ज़रण है की FIR दार्ज हो, लेकी न This has happened to FIR and FIR.

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