CRUSH Share His Experiences Working With BTS’ J-hope

CRUSH shared a lot of inspirational anecdotes about working during Rush Hour with BTS’ j-hope. The singer-songwriter wanted to treat her fans to a new song, and her collaboration with J-hope accomplished that perfectly. In an interview with MK Sports, the artist discussed the experience of filming Rush Hour with the rapper of BTS. He praised Sunshine’s perseverance and said that he was determined to re-record the song to make it perfect.

“j-hope worked so hard on set that he sweated profusely and didn’t even use the toilet.” J-hope repeatedly says, “Let me do it again,” throughout the tape. I can do it better. “Please, one more time!”

CRUSH went on to say that BTS’s j-hard ethos has shown how the group has achieved unprecedented success. He declared:

“When I looked at him, I realized that he wasn’t the person he is now for nothing, and I have a lot of respect for him as an artist.”

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CRUSH talks about his first collaboration with BTS’ j-hope.

Almost two years later, popular soloist CRUSH announced his comeback on September 19, 2022 with the digital track Rush Hour (featuring j-hope BTS). Everyone was shocked by the news. Fans’ expectations are heightened when promising to combine two great things in one song: the return of CRUSH and the appearance of rapper Daydream. CRUSH mentioned his relationship with MK Sports in an interview on September 22. He initially contacted BTS’ j-hope about the collaboration. Then he said:

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“J-Hope and I talked a lot about music. While working on this new song, I found that the musical approach I was considering and the parts I identified were comparable to J-Hope. So I suggested to J-Hope that we collaborate and he agreed to participate by showing up. [in the song].”

He added that BTS’ sunny rapper is the best fit for Rush Hour. He went on to say that the two have “developed a synergy in many ways.” BTS j-hope not only sings in the song but also directs the music video. It also boosts CRUSH’s energy when he’s feeling down and helps him keep up with his production.

“J-hope even agreed to participate in the song’s music video.” He stayed by my side and tried to cheer me up when I felt physically tired after filming my dance moments. I am also grateful for his help with supervision and coaching.”


The song received a great response from the audience. The secret punch in the song’s video also left everyone stunned. The couple danced to the hook in BTS’s Mic Drop in one of the chorus choreographies. Rush Hour (with BTS’s j-hope) was released on September 22, 2022 and has had 5.3 million views on YouTube.

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