Cush Jumbo And Her Husband Unusual Wedding

Cush Jumbo rose to fame in the television business in recent years as Lucca Quinn on CBS’ The Good Wife and its popular spin-off, The Good Fight. Despite all the attention she has received, she keeps her personal life private. She rarely talks about her marriage to Sean Griffin and their almost three-year-old son Maximilian Griffin.

The unconventional wedding of Cush Jumbo and her husband

Jumbo and her husband got married on December 27, 2014. Before they started dating, the couple were friends for many years. – I never believed that he liked me – laughed the actress, but when her career began to rise in the United States, her husband left everything and moved in with her. The couple got married in New York, and instead of the usual celebrity spectacle, she chose an unusual ceremony. They exchanged vows on the Broadway stage. During their third anniversary, the Good Wife star shared a snap of their special day. “About 3 years ago I married this gorgeous guy on the Broadway stage after my #theriver matinee,” she captioned it. It’s still the most ambitious, daring and cutting-edge thing I’ve ever done. #justdo it.” Jumbo acted bravely.

Cush Jumbo starts a family

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Rumors surfaced in 2017 that the couple was expecting their first child. In January 2018, she finally confirmed to ET at the Critics’ Choice Awards. At that time, she was six months pregnant with her child. Pregnancy was included in the program by authors Michelle and Robert King, she revealed. “It was amazing because the Kings, who create the show, built it into the show, so Lucca and I are both pregnant,” the actress said. A few months later, in April, Jumbo gave birth to a child named Maximilian, which she revealed on Instagram with a photo of her child holding someone’s thumb. “After six months of perfectly portraying Lucca’s baby bump on @thegoodfight, my little one finally made an appearance in real life,” she captioned the photo. She went on to say that her child is “just as handsome as his dad.” The actress often posts photos where she and her husband spend quality time with the baby.

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Cush Jumbo

Cush Jumbo is mistaken for a nanny

However, when Jumbo and her child were out in New York, she was mistakenly identified as his nanny. In an interview with The Advocate in 2019, the actress recounted the encounter. “She was ashamed that she misidentified me. “She was embarrassed, unhappy and remorseful,” added Jumbo. This incident was featured in an episode of The Good Fight where an American mother mistakenly identified her character Lucca as her baby’s nanny. The story in the show was more dramatic than her real life experience. The lady eventually called the police in Lucca. Jumbo added that if she had been in London, she would not have had that experience because the nannies there were not racialized. However, according to the actress, the nannies in New York were almost exclusively women of color.

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