Daniel Craig Stated That He Has No Regrets About His Rebellious Tattoo

Many people regret getting a coward tattooed during their rebellious adolescence, but James Bond hero Daniel Craig does not. Craig has a Peruvian falcon tattoo on his shoulder and a tattoo on the inside of his right calf. However, during an appearance on The Tonight Show in 2009, he revealed to host Jay Leno that he has another tattoo that no one knows about.

“I have some tattoos that you can see. There is another case where you wouldn’t. “It’s hidden,” he said. Leno then asks if it is a species that extends to “Oklahoma” and replies “OK”.

“Yeah, it says ‘Welcome to Oklahoma’,” Craig said. The actor revealed that he got it as a rebellious gesture when he was 16 or 17, and he also said that makeup artists had nightmares with them because they had to cover them up all the time. at the time. But will he change his mind about getting a tattoo? “I don’t regret anything. It’s just that you can’t. It’s a personal question,” the actor said.

One of Daniel Craig’s tattoos is “timeless” and the other is a lowercase “e”, so I’m guessing the second “e” and “cummings” somewhere on his body . Somewhere fun, I hope. pic.twitter.com/2bE8neHSjB

– Guy’s Hostel (@GuyLodge) March 9, 2020

Daniel Craig talks about his new tattoo

Craig has added a few interviews to his collection. In an interview with GQ in 2012, he talked a bit about his new tattoos. According to the publication, the actor places phrases on his right hand and an icon on the left that may or may not be related to his wife Rachel Weisz.

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Body ink is not shown, although Craig admits that the drawings are personal to him. “Both are pretty personal tattoos.” Yes, they are [when asked whether his tattoos were fresh]. They are simply part of the process. What about the rest of my body? Then you will be interested. Oh Boy. “It’s been a pretty tough year,” the actor said. Craig’s tattoo is hard to spot even though he’s often photographed because it’s on the inside of his bicep.

However, film critic Guy Lodge revealed in 2020 that the actor had written “time for timelessness” on his right hand and a lowercase ‘e’ somewhere on his left hand. Body ink is most likely a reference to a famous verse by poet EE Cummings.

Daniel Craig dressed up for a movie role

Whatever body image means to Craig, it clearly has a personal meaning to him. However, an actor can use body drawings to reshape their parts. In 2016, the actor made headlines when he appeared as convicted explosives expert Joe Blank in Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky. Craig has a blonde hairstyle as well as fake tattoos on his arms, hands and fingers. He also has a briefcase sticking out of his shirt around his neck. Channing Tatum, his colleague, was surprised by the change, as he admitted in an interview with Good Morning Britain.

Daniel Craig

“I remember my first day on set acting with him and got to know him pretty quickly in the make-up trailer; I saw what he was up to with his hair and I thought, ‘Oh, okay, that’s different… Okay,'” Tatum said.

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