Dark Flash’s Practical Suit Revealed, BTS Version Looks Better Than In The Flash Movie


  • The Dark Flash suit in The Flash movie looks much better in person and stands out more without the CGI distractions.
  • The Chronobowl scenes in the movie were heavily criticized for being a CGI disaster, which affected the visual presentation of the Dark Flash suit.
  • Despite the CGI issues, the practical costumes in The Flash movie deserve credit for their design and should not be overlooked. The film serves as a lesson for DC Studios on how to handle the Scarlet Speedster in the future.

The Dark Flash suit from The Flash movie looks a lot better in a new featurette for the DCEU movie that shows the villain’s practical costume. While the multiverse was at the center of The Flash, the big bad of the film turned out to be a big surprise. General Zod may have been one of the antagonists, but it was ultimately a corrupted version of Barry Allen that the Scarlet Speedster had to take down in order to restore the timeline.

Loosely based on his comic book counterpart, Dark Flash was a middling villain for those who saw The Flash movie. The design for Dark Flash was definitely a new approach to tackling speedster villains in live-action compared to The Flash TV show, but it wasn’t enough to hide some of the visual problems with the The Flash movie suit’s CGI.

However, it turns out Dark Flash’s practical suit is a lot better in person when not surrounded by VFX. In a new The Flash movie featurette from Warner Bros., Dark Flash’s costume stands out a lot more as seen in the footage where Ezra Miller and their stunt double were doing rehearsals for the big action pieces.

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Why Did Dark Flash’s Suit Look So Bad In The Flash Movie

When seeing Dark Flash’s actual costume in person, it raises a lot of questions about why it ended up looking as bad as it did in The Flash. When it comes to superhero and supervillain costumes in general, no matter how incredible the design is practically, CGI work can play a massive role in the final product. In this case, Dark Flash is almost only seen through the scenes involving the Chronobowl.

One of the most criticized aspects of The Flash movie was the scenes with the Chronobowl, which was a massive CGI disaster as there was so much going on all at once. It is no surprise that Dark Flash’s costume would barely stand out when it is absolutely surrounded by VFX work that does not put the suit in a good light in any way. That is even why Barry’s main Flash suit would struggle to look good too because the Chronobowl setting was visually inconsistent.

It is definitely a disappointment that people who worked hard to create these practical costumes for The Flash movie would end up not getting their proper credit due to the massive CGI problems the film had in general. While the VFX may be one problem, the suits were never an issue with The Flash. If there is any good takeaway from The Flash movie, it will hopefully serve as a lesson for DC Studios in how to not tackle the Scarlet Speedster when they eventually bring the character into the new DC Universe.

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Source: Warner Bros./YouTube

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