David de Gea Stated That He Is Diagnosed With Hyperopia

David de Gea is a famous professional soccer player from Spain. He is the goalkeeper of Manchester United in the first division, as well as a member of the Spanish national team. He was born in the Spanish city of Madrid. He had a happy upbringing because he was born into a wealthy family and had everything he needed. As far as goalkeepers go, David is among the best in the world. He has always enjoyed football since he was a child.

He started his youth career in 2003 when he was only 13 years old. In 2008, he started his senior career. After that, he started playing for the Spanish national team in 2014. When it comes to football, he is a well-known name.

Fast facts

Full nameDavid De Gea
Middle nameWell
Last nameGea
City of birthMadrid
Country of birthSpain
Father’s nameJose De Gea
Father of the professionformer football payer
Mother’s nameMarivi Quintana
Mother’s professionhousewife
Gender identityMale
Sexual orientationstraight
Marriage statusRelationship
Relationship withEdurne Garcia
Number of children1
Height192 cm
Netto value75 million dollars


Although David is not married, he is in a committed relationship with Edurna Garcia, a Spanish singer, TV presenter and actor. They have been together for a long time. In 2010, they started a relationship. They might get married in the near future. Yanay, their daughter born in 2021, is their only child. Despite his busy schedule, David manages to spend quality time with his girlfriend Edurne. According to Edurne, they are very happy together and find time for family no matter how crazy their schedules are. Yanay was born in 2021 and has already become a whole world of couple. On their social media profiles, they posted photos of their newborn daughter, who is incredibly hot.

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Eye problems

Many people are not aware, but the world-class soccer star has eye problems. David has hyperopia, known as farsightedness, an eye condition in which a person can see distant objects well, but has trouble seeing nearer objects. Despite this problem, he rarely wears glasses and prefers contact lenses. He also wears contact lenses during matches.

David did not start his career as a goalkeeper because he was too young

He played as a midfielder and sometimes in all positions, including defense and attack, although he became incredibly tall over time. He was 6 feet 4 inches tall, which made it difficult for him to sprint quickly. He started to struggle in matches, then he chose to become a goalkeeper and excelled at it. He used his height to his advantage in goalkeeping. Parental support: David had strong parental support from an early age. His father was also a professional goalkeeper.

David de Gea

He used to be the goalkeeper of Getafe, and he was also David’s best coach because he was very tough and trained him effectively. David’s mother was a housewife who always wanted her child to have a good combination of studies and athletics. They would travel 50 kilometers just to watch their child train at Atlético. They constantly supported their child and made sure that he did his best.

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