Dungeons & Dragons: 10 Best Magic Items For Fighters, Ranked

Dungeons and Dragons New players re-emerge thanks to hype for upcoming movies and shows Honor among thieves and Vox Machina Legend. For new players, there are so many things to invest in, and one of them is deciding which magic items to use.

With only three attunement slots available, deciding which magic items to carry can certainly be a challenge. Warriors are good enough on their own, but magic items give them that extra boost to become truly legendary heroes.

Wing Boots (requires coordination)

The Wing Boots allow players to fly for up to four hours, with flight time regained every 12 hours the player does not fly. In combat, losing time means basically nothing since each round is only six seconds long anyway. For melee fighters, flying is the perfect equalizer against flying enemies.

Whether for attacking enemies on high ground, tactical retreats, or simply to provide an archer with more rangers, wing boots provide the warrior with a lot of versatility and mobility. For grapplers, if they’re tough enough, they can perform some truly spectacular wrestling moves to knock out certain enemies.

Displacement Cloak (requires coordination)

Displacement cloak in 5e

The cloak of displacement projects the illusion that the player character is right next to it. Therefore, all attacks against the player will be at a disadvantage. If the player takes damage, the effect disappears until the start of the next turn. Just in terms of survivability, it was a wonderfully magical moment.

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Warriors are always going to be in combat, so anything that makes attacks against them less effective is amazing. This increased survivability makes fighters more dangerous in combat, as each time they avoid damage, they gain one more turn. It all comes down to a little magic in the movies.

Ring of Dodge (requires coordination)

Circle of avoidance in 5e

Sometimes, an unexpected fireball might fly towards the fighter. In this case, being able to dodge for free is already a very powerful ability. Most attacks that require a Dexterity saving throw deal incredibly high damage, and the fact that a Ring of Evasion can negate (or at least halve) this greatly improves survivability.

This is especially useful for warriors who choose to increase strength over agility. The fact that it’s a ring also means it can be easily worn with other life-saving items. A warrior with a displacement cloak and dodge ring is indeed a cunning warrior, like a Pokémon that uses forbidden dodge moves more than anything else.

Adamantite Armor

Artwork by Aasimar from Dungeons & Dragons.

Of course, no matter how many dodge items you take away, landing an attack is inevitable. Even worse, if this attack is a ritual, it can easily lead to an adventure game over. In this case, the toughness of adamantine armor becomes a godsend.

Adamantite armor can take the form of any medium or heavy armor (except hidden) and converts any critical hit against the player into a regular hit. There are many ways to increase your AC, but being immune to critical hits is well worth the investment. Plus, this doesn’t require attunement, so it can be used with other magic items.

Spell Resistance Cloak (requires attunement)

Spell Resistance Cloak in 5e

Spells are one of the things that a physically strong martial arts spellcaster cannot resist. Spells are especially troublesome when it comes to spells, especially ones that don’t involve STR, CON, or DEX, and the right spell can destroy a warrior’s motivation.

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A spell resistance cloak provides the simple yet powerful benefit of advantage on all saving throws against spells. Whether it’s a fireball spell or a psychic scream, warriors have a higher chance of survival no matter what spells are thrown at them by the powerful creatures they face.

Spell Shield (requires coordination)

Spellguard Shield in 5e

While a spell resistance cloak is great for an archer, two-handed swordsman, or duelist, swordsmen and boarders may find themselves wanting something more effective. This is where Spell Shield comes into play, providing the same benefits as Cloak but with a few extras.

First, it’s a shield, so it provides a handy +2 AC. In addition to defending against powerful spells, it also has advantages against general magical effects and adversely affects any spell attacks against the player. For those who hate dealing with spellcasters, this shield is a must.

Ring of Free Action (requires coordination)

5e Ring of Free Action

Frontline personnel will be the target of various attacks and spells. In fact, not all of these are necessarily destructive. A paralysis spell, oil spill, or magic web can easily thwart any charging warrior’s plans to dominate the enemy spellcaster.

The Ring of Free Movement removes all of this, allowing players to traverse difficult terrain without sacrificing extra movement, and spells like paralysis or entangle don’t affect the player. In a worst-case scenario, being incapacitated is the equivalent of death for a warrior, so the Ring of Free Movement is handy in preventing that from happening.

Health Amulet (needs attunement)

Amulet of health in 5e

The Amulet of Health is another simple yet powerful magic item for martial arts characters. The Amulet of Health sets the player’s Constitution to 19, which is basically 1 point out of 20. Given that most people don’t bother increasing their physique beyond a certain point, this is a huge benefit.

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Stat gains are rare and valuable, and health amulets allow players to be at maximum condition without having to invest more points into stats. For fighters, this means they can focus on building their strength and agility earlier without having to worry about breaking down in the middle of a fight.

Weapons (+1, 2 or 3)

Stop Killing All Enemies in D&D - The Aftermath of a Deadly Dungeons & Dragons Battle

simple. boring. Effective. This is exactly what a simple +1/2/3 weapon of player choice provides. Sure, it might not breathe fire or curse souls, but this simple stat increase could make a difference in combat.The effect is reliable, and the increase in damage and hit rate cannot be underestimated.


Thankfully, basic +1 weapons don’t require attunement either. This means that warriors can hoard as many items as they like without any worries. It may be boring, but for those who like reliability, these weapons are a must. That said, +1 enchanted weapons are also present, so it’s still worth a look.

Giant’s Belt of Strength (all variants, requires attunement)

The artwork shows two Orcs from Dungeons & Dragons.

Strength is an often underestimated statistic Dungeons and Dragons Since Strength saving throws are generally rare. However, for STR-focused warriors, each level of the Giant Belt of Strength offers huge benefits, as the Hill Giant level already sets the player’s strength up to 21.

At the highest level, this value can be increased to a staggering 29. The STR warrior’s +9 to attack and damage rolls is impressive enough on its own, but the benefits of super strength should not be underestimated. For fighters with massive size and amplified abilities, the Giant Power Belt turns the fighter into a certified superhero.

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