Deathstroke: Year One Is Hinting at an Unbelievable New Costume Origin

Mild spoilers Deathstroke Corporation First!

One of the most powerful villains on Batman, Green Arrow, and every member of the Teen Titans, Deathstroke is the deadliest assassin in DC Comics.exist Deathstroke CorporationSlade proved that he is not only a skilled fighter, but also a resourceful teammate and leader. After the DC incident shadow war event, Deathstroke Corporation Repositioning the story closer than ever to Slade, focusing directly on the possible origins of his iconic costume!

Whether it is injustice video game, teen titans Whether in the animated series or the original comic series created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Deathstroke has proven himself to be one of the most skilled assassins in DC Comics. Initially, he was a common mercenary with slightly enhanced abilities thanks to the Super Soldier Serum.While his origins have been explored before, the new arc Deathstroke CorporationTitled “Deathstroke: Year One,” the film will apparently explore DC’s “Terminator” in an unprecedented way and tell a new secret origin.

Variant cover by Ed Brisson and Dexter Soy Deathstroke Corporation #10-11 Highlight Slade next to a dog. While Deathstroke was one of the most dysfunctional families in Washington, D.C., the newly introduced dog showed a lighter side. Slade’s new pet looks faithful and has a face designed in split colors, just like Deathstroke’s iconic mask. While it’s yet to be confirmed, DC has hinted that the design for Slade Wilson’s costume may come from the Assassin’s new furry friend. Deathstroke’s split mask design historically came about due to the character losing one of his eyes. However, the dog’s natural fur displays the same color scheme as Slade’s mask.

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The cover of Deathstroke #11 features his family.

The dog’s design was too coincidental for Deathstroke not to draw inspiration from it. While Year One may revisit or even retell how the mercenary lost his eye and redesign his costume, Deathstroke’s traditional DC color scheme may just be a wink at his newfound canine. Interestingly, Marvel’s most famous eyepatch-wearing sharpshooter, Nick Fury, also had his eyepatch reinterpreted in the MCU as a result of Captain Marvel’s cat scratching him. Maybe Marvel and DC like to have their most unlikely furry friends inspire the design of both universes’ epic one-eyed assassins.

next stage Deathstroke Corporation Definitely a great place to catch up on new stories (or keep existing fans of DC’s Assassins reading). It already has a noteworthy cast of characters and promises to retell some of the most important moments in Slade’s life. DC Comics stories rarely fail when it comes to Deathstroke, and that doesn’t seem to be happening just yet.

Look for Deathstroke & Company #10 & 11 Released on June 28 and July 26 respectively.

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