Who Is Kristina Rossetto From “Below Deck Mediterranean”?

In Mediterranean Below Deck Season 7 Episode 6, a group of women will be welcomed aboard. Kristina Rossetto, a real estate agent from the San Francisco Bay Area, will be the charter’s chief guest. Kristina will board the ship with six of her friends and relatives to celebrate her and Dina Furash’s 50th birthday. Water activities, surprise entertainment and a shirtless male crew member bringing cake are among the group’s wishes.

In addition to Dina, Kristina will be joined by Teri Rossetto Shaughnessy, Gina Adler, Rachel Hardyck, Brenda, Kimberlee and Michelle. Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 6 will show all the girls enjoying a good time. Continue reading to find out more about Kristina, the main guest of the next episode.

Kristina Rossetto is a second-generation family real estate agent.

Kristina Rossetto, the newest charter guest on Below Deck Mediterranean, is a 50-year-old real estate agent from a family of realtors. She appears to have sold multiple multi-million dollar residences in San Carlos, Belmont and Redwood City, where she was born and raised. Kristina earned a BA in Art History from UC San Diego, according to her profile on Compass (the real estate business she currently works at). She lived in London and San Francisco before moving to Redwood City. According to the website, none of her sales were less than $1 million.

Her biography also states:

“He loves to dedicate himself to helping buyers and sellers in the unique and often difficult Peninsula market.” Kristina assists her clients in all aspects of buying and selling real estate, drawing on a wide network of professional connections for home improvement before or after the sale, financing, rental properties and many other areas.”

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Siena and Nicholas, her two children, are her only ones. Her daughter Siena turned 17 in March of this year, and her son Nicholas just graduated from St. Charles in San Carlos, California. He loves spending time with his children and hanging out with his friends, who will all be participating in Season 7 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Kristina Rossetto

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 6 Review

Kristina and her companions will be introduced in the next episode of season 7. Before they arrive, however, the crew will welcome Courtney Veale, a below-decks Mediterranean graduate and new assistant for the current season. After the departure of Raygan Tyler, Captain Sandy Yawn appointed Storm Smith as Deck Bosun. Courtney, Mzi “Zee” Dempers and Jason Gaskell will be seen under his watch. In the upcoming episode, it will also be shown how Storm gets into dangerous trouble due to a malfunction of the walkie-talkie.

“Walkie of Shame” is the title of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 6. According to the official synopsis:

“A new crew member joins the motor ship Home, bringing with it new abilities.” Visitors were left stranded in the harbor due to the waves, which strained the staff. Natasha experiences a flashback again. Storm is faced with a big problem when his walkie-talkie fails during docking.”

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The cast will also be shown throwing a glittery party for Kristina and her friends. Chef Dave White will be naked when he delivers a birthday cake to a charter guest and her cousin Dina. Storm and Zee will entertain the birthday girls with striptease while the rest of the team cheers them on. Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 premieres on Bravo on Monday, August 15 at 8:00 PM ET.

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