Destiny 2: How To Get Cataclysmic (& God Roll)

The Cataclysmic is a brand new legendary linear composite rifle with a precision frame destiny 2Its God Roll is a magical weapon that all Guardians should seek to possess. As part of disciple oath Raid gear set, the only way to unlock Cataclysmic is to play certain Raid battles and earn rewards. disciple oath As a Raid Weapon, the player can also craft a new Linear Combination Rifle after completing a sufficient number of Deepsight Resonance extractions.

Although there are not many Liner Fusion rifles in the country destiny 2, Cataclysm is extremely rare because it deals sun damage. Normally, the weapon of choice for this is the Sleeper Stimulant, but since the Sleeper is an Exotic, it limits the player’s ability to load on endgame content during the High PvE event Master or Grand Master. In addition, Cataclysmic can also be used in revival season And witch queen An expansion that gives the player several different God Roll options.

As for the Cataclysm Linear Fusion Rifle that the player can get, here are the God Roll perks the weapon can drop:

  • brake arrow
  • Acceleration Coil/Strength Battery
  • fourth time charm
  • Concentrated Rage / Decoy and Transformation

Destiny 2: Best Cataclysm Crafting Perks

After unlocking the Cataclysm mode, the player can use the weapon crafting system destiny 2 Craft an enhanced version of the Linear Merge Rifle. Instead of unlocking new perks entirely, enhanced perks provide additional benefits to the weapon’s already existing perks. For example, Fourth Time’s The Charm allows two bullets to return to the magazine when the player fires quickly and accurately. Advanced Wednesday’s spell increases the time allotted between precision hits, giving the player more time to return to the magazine during those two rounds. However, the only features that can be enhanced are the characteristics, meaning there are no enhanced versions of the barrel, viewfinder, and magazine.

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To obtain the Cataclysm sample, the player needs to complete five separate Deepsigth Resonances for the weapon. Like the standard version of the weapon, the reward for Deepsight Resonance Cataclysmics is disciple oath. The player can randomly obtain this version of the weapon from the Acquisition and Caretaker encounters, as well as in any secret chest after they have previously purchased the weapon. Additionally, those who complete the hidden chest puzzle during the raid are guaranteed to receive the Deep Vision Resonance weapon at the end of the raid, but only once per account per week. In addition, the first weapon purchased with Conquest Loot will also be guaranteed to be the Deepsight Resonance weapon.

God Roll perks give players more time to craft their Cataclysms, as enhanced perks are unlocked:

  • brake arrow
  • Acceleration Coil/Strength Battery
  • Advanced Version Fourth Charm
  • Concentrated Fury Boost/Bait Booster & Transformation/Joker Cartridge Boost

Weapon reshaping with enhanced traits requires Leveling Alloys and other crafting materials destiny 2, So be sure to pile on each document.

destiny 2 Available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Google Stadia platforms.

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