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Move data even on poor connections. Send Anywhere does more than you can imagine. Mainly used to send photos, videos and music to multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs. This information will be forwarded to their original. Not that it was converted to another file format. As the name suggests, Send Anywhere helps you send messages when the network connection is poor. They are even converted into completely secure passwords. You’ve always wanted to send things with Send Anywhere.

In general, we have many tools to send our information to others. For example, the sharing function is available on all mobile phones. Or the sharing tools built into many social networking apps. But this way of sending information is not safe for reuse. Therefore, it is safer to send with a password or security key. Only you and the recipient can read their content. Send Anywhere is exactly what we call it, the ability to transmit information to any device.

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In addition to sending messages, Send Anywhere is also a place to store the messages you send there. It’s an elegant library that clearly distinguishes each data type. For example, you can select items like photos, videos, and files to see where each piece of your information is located. How to send it? Short and long press to choose what to send. Click Submit and proceed to choose where you want to send it. However, they are not sent immediately. At this point, the data is converted into a code or QR code and sent to the recipient. They will use the code to get the information.

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Information management of the whole process

When you select the photos and videos you want to send, you’ll see metrics in the bottom corner of the screen. If you’re on a mobile network, you’ll also know the total amount they’re considering sending. The same is true when you get the user’s data. Send Anywhere’s history will include the data you sent and received. So we can manage it easily without wondering if we have received all the necessary information or not. They are always active and will notify you when you exit the application.

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Modern information encryption

Perhaps until now, only Send Anywhere could do this. Information encoded with a code or barcode is indeed an efficient and secure way. It makes the data unreadable. Only you and other recipients downloading and using Send Anywhere can read it. It’s also a way to reduce the time it takes to send data. Because if the quantity is large and large, it will take a lot of time. Furthermore, when they are extracted into passwords, they are only valid for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes have elapsed, the information with this code will no longer be retrievable.

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Connect different devices

Submitting through other users is easy; devices are even easier to access. Moving photos, videos, or music from one device to another has been around for a long time. However, the safest and most effective way is to use Send Anywhere. Still select the files you need to send, then connect Bluetooth to the device you want to transfer. We will still take the code and lay the groundwork for a successful data migration. It works well even in environments with poor network connectivity, so it is used frequently by many people.

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Messages are encrypted and sent completely discreetly between sender and receiver. Manage data and easily distinguish or calculate the required capacity. Send Anywhere can send photos, videos, and audio to any device.

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