Destiny 2: How To Get The Heart Of Inmost Light (Titan Exotic)

The Heart of Light is one of the best weird armor a Guardian can get destiny 2. This breastplate can only be worn by Titans, it first appeared in the forgotten DLC and has become a must-have Exotic for many new releases. This is because the armor increases the skill recovery rate and the amount of damage dealt.

Guardians can obtain the Heart of Light in three different ways. Like most Exotics destiny 2, this breastplate can be obtained as a world drop item. Additionally, defeated enemies have a chance to drop a strange Engram, rewarding the Guardian with a random piece of equipment. While this can be done anywhere, certain events will increase the drop rate of these valuable items, such as Advanced Vanguard Nightfall. Alternatively, Guardians can visit Xur every weekend to buy Exotic Engrams, or even Hearts of Inmost Light. Players can also complete the Exotic Cipher quest and submit it to receive additional Engrams. The final way to get armor is to complete Legend or Master Lost Sectors. This is less reliable, but the Heart of Light can be obtained.

How does the heart of light work?

Heart of Light is one of the best weird items a giant can use in it destiny 2 Because the inherent characteristic is full of light. Using one ability enhances the other two. This means that these abilities are restored more quickly. Melee weapons and grenades deal more damage when buffed, and obstacles have more health. Heart of Light is so effective that it renders most other exotic titans obsolete.

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Guardians can gain two Arcane tiers by using their other abilities first. This regenerates energy very quickly, while enhancing it greatly. Heart of Light works on any subclass and works on almost any building. This Exotic is fun to use and allows players to use their abilities frequently. Guardians can maximize the effects of Heart of Light by activating as many Empowerment buffs as possible.

Titan’s most efficient layered 3.0 build destiny 2 Tends to revolve around frequently used abilities. Normally, Guardians need to equip a lot of Well of Elements mods to restore energy. When combined with the Heart of Light, the Titans can instantly replenish their abilities. Guardians should regularly check Xur’s inventory for optimal Heart of Inmost Light distribution. This Exotic is a must-have for any Titan player destiny 2.

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