Do you think with your heart or your head? New optical illusion reveals key personality trait

WHAT you see first in this amazing optical illusion reveals a lot about your personality.

The illusion shows an elephant, lion, ostrich and birds hidden in plain sight, and the animal you see first says a lot about you.


The animal you see first in this optical illusion reveals a lot about your personalityCredit: Jackpotjoy

Depending on what you see first reveals whether you are rational or more emotional.

This new optical illusion, created by Jackpotjoy, reveals whether you’re more likely to go with your heart when making an important decision, or think about it more analytically (aka using your head!)

The design features a scene of a tree housing an elephant, lion, ostrich, and birds in flight.

See for yourself: what did you see first?

If you were the first to see an elephant

If you are attracted to an elephant, you are more likely to go by your head than your heart.

You probably often think about important decisions and weigh all the pros and cons, instead of jumping quickly.

The elephant also indicates several other personality traits, including self-confidence, calmness, and the ability to soothe and comfort others when necessary.

The people who see the elephant first are also more likely to be trustworthy and have excellent communication skills, which could make them better suited as leaders.

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If you were the first to see a lion

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However, if you were more attracted to Leo, you are more likely to make impulsive decisions and follow your heart over your head.

Seeing a Leo also identifies you as someone who is likely to be very energetic and strong, with a strong personality and a sense of impulsiveness.

People who have seen a lion for the first time may also notice that they are not good when it comes to paying attention to details, preferring to focus on the big picture.

However, they are likely to be seen as a very trustworthy and rational voice that can help resolve disputes.

If you were the first to see an ostrich

Those who see the ostrich in this picture for the first time probably have excellent instincts and therefore trust their hearts over their heads.

Seeing an ostrich also identifies you as someone who is likely to be confident and curious to learn.

You are also probably very outgoing, you thrive best when you are surrounded by friends and family.

Ostriches must rely on their instincts to survive predators and can remain calm under enormous stress.

Although you are more instinctive than rational, if you see an ostrich, you are likely to work well under pressure both alone and in large groups.

If you were the first to see birds in flight

But if you saw birds fluttering over a tree before anything else, chances are you are a logical thinker who trusts your head more than your heart.

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You will probably value your freedom and spontaneity above all else.

Although you may be able to make decisions at the last minute or on the spur of the moment when necessary, consider things first instead of diving in.

While he may appear rather carefree, he is more likely to always have a bigger picture in mind, like a bird soaring across the sky.

See for yourself: which animal jumps at you?

And are the predictions correct?

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