Doctor Strange 2 Gets Mystical Popcorn Buckets At AMC Theaters

AMC theaters will serve premieres with popcorn containers that mimic Doctor Strange’s magical items Doctor Strange in the Mad MultiverseThe upcoming film will hit theaters on May 6 as part of MCU Phase 4. Spider-Man: No Return, As the multiverse rises and new enemies emerge, Strange joins forces with his crew. Sam Raimi returns to the superhero genre for the first time since directing in 2007 Spiderman 3.

in spite of Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverse A strong box office commodity, movie tickets aren’t the only thing fans buy. Movie-related merchandise and collectibles are also expected to have an impact. From themed costumes to posters and action figures, there’s no shortage Sorcerer Supreme Product discontinued due to expectations multiverse madness‘ is about to premiere. With all the hype surrounding the movie, AMC also wanted to get in on the action, not just selling tickets to the show.

AMC theaters will offer popcorn containers shaped like Doctor Strange’s magic box for premieres multiverse madness. Hilarious new popcorn box similar to the Macchina di Kavadus that Doctor Strange used in the movie Spider-Man: No Place To Return. It will be available at AMC theaters while the final supply is $24.99 per boat. Take a look at AMC’s unique popcorn box below:

The Macchina di Kavadus are ancient magical relics possessed by masters of the mystical arts. The main purpose of the magic box is to contain and release spells.exist Spider-Man: No Place To Return, after Peter Parker’s secret identity was revealed, Strange used the magic box to contain a broken spell. However, Parker eventually interfered with Strange’s magic to prevent some from forgetting that he was Spider-Man, breaking those spells and then tearing apart the multiverse. This helps pave the way for further events Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiversealthough the MCU has also begun to explore the concept of the multiverse with projects like stone And Wanda Vision.

While this isn’t the first time AMC has offered additional incentives for attending movie premieres, it certainly makes the movie-watching experience more immersive and enjoyable. Another cool collectible popcorn container from AMC is the Ecto-1 themed box, used in the launch Ghostbusters: Afterlife. in spite of Strange Doctor 2The hype was enough to make viewers flock, and adding a collectible element made the experience even more enjoyable. Viewers can grasp Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverse When it premiered on May 6.

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