The Harry Potter Movies Cut 1 Important Dumbledore & Voldemort Moment 

this Harry Potter The film captures the decisive book moment in the rivalry between Albus Dumbledore and Voldemort. Of course, the film includes Dumbledore’s first meeting with young Tom Riddle before going to Hogwarts, and Slughorn’s memories of the boy as a schoolboy. However, the Pensieve memories revealing the years from Voldemort’s departure from the castle to his re-emergence as the Dark Lord have been removed. This is a real shame, as these memories crept into Voldemort’s Horcrux program and established his relationship with Dumbledore.

exist Harry potter and the Prince, Dumbledore gave Harry private lessons to help him better understand Voldemort. He did this using the Memorial’s memories of the Dark Lord’s past, which not only led to the discovery of Horcruxes, but also revealed details of Tom’s transformation. Riddle into Voldemort’s terrifying form. In one memory, the Headmaster of Hogwarts, reuniting with his former students about ten years after graduation, shows Harry the moment when Dumbledore and Voldemort quietly consider each other enemies, all of which take place within during an interview while teaching.

Dumbledore and Voldemort have an important meeting in the Harry Potter story

One of Dumbledore’s Pentecostals Harry Potter The film is the principal’s interview with grown-up Tom Riddle, who hopes to land a position as a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Riddle learned that the professor didn’t trust him when Dumbledore first came to the orphanage and told him he was a wizard. The future Dark Lord revealed so much of his true nature that as a student he didn’t go to great lengths to confuse Dumbledore like the other teachers. However, he did not know the extent of Dumbledore’s suspicion until he was interviewed.

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When Dumbledore greeted Tom Riddle at his office for an interview, the professor heard that the Dark Lord was rising and decided to use a new name. He is also fully aware of the group of followers he begins to gather, known as the Death Eaters. So when the newly baptized Voldemort tried to flatter Dumbledore by praising his recent promotion, the Headmaster disagreed. He immediately told Riddle that he would not use the chosen name, and in doing so he made it clear that he would not cooperate with Voldemort’s plans, as mentioned in the book. :

“They don’t call me Tom anymore,” he said. “Now, I’m called-“

“I know your name,” said Dumbledore, smiling happily. “But to me, I’m afraid you’ll always be Tom Riddle. That’s one of the things that annoys old teachers. I’m afraid they’ll never forget the early days of their children’s childhood.”

He raised his glass as if toasting Voldemort, who was expressionless. However, Harry felt a subtle change in the atmosphere in the room: Dumbledore’s refusal to use the name Voldemort had chosen meant his refusal to let Voldemort dictate the terms of the meeting, and Harry could see that Voldemort thought so.

The rest of the interview was equally interesting. Neither Voldemort nor Dumbledore spoke, but engaged in a duel of wits. They debated the ethics of certain types of magic and the differences between friends and followers, and in the end, Dumbledore flatly rejected young Tom’s position as Defense Against the Dark Arts. This is one of their most important interactions Harry Potter Books and was founded at a time when Voldemort understood that Dumbledore would be his most challenging opponent.

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Voldemort used his Hogwarts interview to promote his Horcrux plan

Rowena Ravenclaw's crown is in the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Although, before Harry PotterWell, Voldemort probably thought he was charismatic enough to eventually win Dumbledore over, he certainly didn’t believe it. In the best case, he will be assigned a position of Defense Against the Dark Arts, so he will have access to the best and smartest wizards and wizards to come in the wizarding world. . However, in the worst case scenario, he also has an important plan to visit Hogwarts. By this point, he had made several Horcruxes, and he was looking for an important location to stash them, and the Magic Castle seemed like the perfect place.

Voldemort’s paranoia led him to believe that he was the only student who had discovered the deepest secrets of Hogwarts Castle. So during the interview, he quickly sneaks into the Room of Requirement and hides the Ravenclaw tiara, with which he has infused pieces of his own soul. Although memory never reveals this exactly, Dumbledore suspects that this is why Voldemort wanted the interview, which plays a key role in the quest to find where the Crown is hidden. by Harry. Of course, the memory also confirms that DADA’s position has indeed been healed – and it was done by Voldemort himself.

Why did Dumbledore agree to meet Voldemort in the first place?

Dumbledore's Secrets of Great Beasts May Include Voldemort's Tom Riddle

This interaction between Dumbledore and Voldemort Harry Potter The book is significant for another reason: it reveals the beginning of Voldemort’s chilling transformation from a handsome boy into a snake-like monster. This is actually why the principal agreed to be interviewed in the first place. Dumbledore had long heard of Voldemort’s connection to the Dark Arts and would never allow him to influence the students at Hogwarts, so Dumbledore couldn’t take this interview seriously. He just wanted to confirm the relevant rumors.

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Physical changes like Voldemort’s could only come from truly terrifying dark magic, something even Dumbledore had never seen. When Harry looked at the memory Harry Potter, he observed Tom Riddle’s sunken cheeks, long, crooked nose, and the occasional flash of red in his eyes. It was an amazing change from previous memories, in which the future Dark Lord was as handsome as ever. All in all, this is the first time Dumbledore has hinted that Voldemort has begun to interfere with the boundaries of life, death, and soul – his mark. Harry Potter Horcrux.

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