One Breaking Bad Ending Moment Is Made Far Sadder By Better Call Saul

a specific break Bad because better call saul. Mike’s debut break Bad The end of Season 2, appearing as the middle man between Saul Goodman and Gus Fring. Although he collaborated with Gus and later Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in break BadFor five seasons, his plot wasn’t quite as profound until the prequel series, better call saulThe show also provides insight into how Mike bonded with Saul and Gus, as well as his relationship with his family, especially his niece Kelly.

Kaylee Ehrmantraut was first introduced in break Bad Season 3, appeared in several episodes while spending time on her “Pop-Pop”. She is the only child of Matty, the late son of Mike and Matty’s wife Stacey, who moved to Albuquerque following the tragic death of her husband. Mike followed the rest of the family to New Mexico to take care of his son’s family and ensure their financial stability. Sometimes the money comes from illegal activities, but one thing is certain in both shows: Mike will do anything to protect Stacy and Kelly.

Unfortunately, Mike is forced to make the difficult decision to leave the family. break Bad “Say My Name” Season 5. While on the playground with Kelly, Mike learns that Gus’ attorney has sold Mike to the DEA, giving him the choice of being arrested or absconding. Mike chose the latter, which meant leaving Kelly on the playground without saying goodbye. It’s thrilling to watch Mike torture himself with the decisions he makes while watching Kelly swing, but the sequence is better call saulespecially the behavior he saw in season 6, when the show proved just how far Mike would go, just to spend time with his niece.

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better call saul It’s clear how much Mike cares about Stacey and Kaylee. He developed a good relationship with his daughter-in-law, but his relationship with Kelly became more special. Spending time with Kaylee brought Mike back to life, and Mike kept a part of him alive by sharing stories about Matty. That is, in better call saul Season 6, Episode 6, “Ax and Grind”, the show made it clear that Mike would try to spend time with Kaylee. After setting up a secret surveillance room across the street, Mike calls Kelly so they can watch the stars together through the telescope over the phone. While it was not known that Mike was watching nearby, it was clear that this interaction was the highlight of Mike and Kaylee’s day.

By showing Mike and Kelly’s relationship better call saul make him break Bad The decision to let her go was far more impactful and tragic than initially thought. Despite Mike’s emotional behavior, Kelly is just a supporting character in the movie break Badthe significance of the situation is not fully expounded. better call saulHowever, that changed by changing any perception regarding Mike and his family.

despite what happened in the second half better call saul In season 6, Mike won’t go anywhere because of his connection to Gus break Bad. His good relationship with his niece will continue until his life ends on that fateful day at the playground. After evading the police, Walter agrees to send Mike a duffel bag full of cash while he waits at the riverbank. During their encounter, Walter panicked and shot Mike, thinking he might be the next big character the DEA finds. Mike’s last request was to sit peacefully by the river and die. In his hospital bed, he may regret not saying goodbye to Kelly. However, since arriving in New Mexico, everything he does, no matter how dangerous, is for the good of his family.

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