Inside Review: Willem Dafoe Is Perfectly Unhinged In Surprising Survival Drama

On the surface, the idea of ​​being trapped in a posh apartment sounds like a sweet dream. Located above the never-ending hustle and bustle of New York City, surrounded by high-end artwork and top-notch amenities, who could complain? In the new film directed by Vasilis Katsoupis IN, the premise has become the nightmare of unfortunate thief Willem Dafoe. What at first seems to be the pinnacle of wealth and comfort turns into an incredibly unsettling prison that only becomes more and more haunting as the series goes on. IN Unfortunately, it’s a bit long for its own good, although Dafoe is very good at essentially a one-man show.

The Oscar-nominated actor plays Nemo, an art thief aided by a handful of unnamed associates who help him break into an airy, high-rise penthouse. modern. Nemo skimmed through the apartment, grabbed most of what he needed, then headed out the front door to leave. Instead, however, a failure of the security system left Nemo alone, unable to escape or communicate with his allies. Worse still, there is little food, water and gas are turned off, the thermostat is broken causing the temperature to go from dangerously hot to painfully cold. Nemo must rely on all his wits to survive in his surprisingly desolate surroundings, even as his mind begins to clear.

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movies and so on IN It couldn’t have worked without a very dedicated actor at the center, and Dafoe does his best to portray Nemo’s gradual descent into madness. Of course, expectations aren’t low for the man known for being heartless, but Dafoe is tackling some unique challenges here. There’s very little dialogue, and Nemo talks to himself more and more as the movie progresses. Instead, the actor conveys Nemo’s despair through material means. One particularly striking moment is when the thief rests his head on the refrigerator. Dafoe scratched his hips eagerly, yearning for some kind of liquid, then rested his head on his arms and fell silently. to this end, IN A great introduction to Dafoe’s talent.

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Katsoupis adds a sense of space to the film. The apartment itself has been meticulously rendered as a character by graphic designer Thorsten Sabel, with Katsoupis carefully capturing as many details as possible. Director and DOP Steven Annis incorporated stills into the action, noting the crude refrigerator, the growing pile of wood chips on the floor (thanks to Nemo, who was trying to get through the heavy front door), and the Other terrifying creatures in Nemo’s terrible surroundings. There are more and more disgusting elements. The lack of a working toilet, for example, is a damaging detail, a reminder that Nemo might be in a luxury apartment, but he could also be on a deserted island – that would actually be better.

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EQUAL IN However, its persuasive premise has grown old over time. Viewers can only see one person in one place for a limited amount of time fighting for survival. At one point, the movie was all about Nemo’s madness. Katsoupis (for whom screenwriter Hopkins adapted the story) doesn’t shy away from the difficulties Nemo faces in order to survive, making the viewing experience increasingly difficult. IN Giving Nemo’s solitary life a brief moment through a brief dream sequence that, while filling the running time, also hints at a life Nemo might have wanted, but now seems to be. more remote than ever. The ending offers a vague sense of hope, though not enough to ease previous pain.

As an exploration of one man’s efforts to survive and showcase Dafoe’s excellence, IN More than just getting the job done. Nemo’s ingenuity was widely shown when the credits aired, and Dafoe certainly added another impressive performance to his film. When it comes to the overall story and its urgency, IN Shake a little. This movie isn’t for everyone, but Dafoe fans will have to watch his unrestricted portrayal of a man who can’t do anything. It keeps the movie interesting even when the speed is off.

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IN In theaters on Friday, March 17. The 105-minute film, rated R, contains some sexual content and nudity.

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