Does Joel Die In The Last Of Us? (Game & Show Explained)

warning! This article contains spoilers for the video game The Last of Us Part II. If HBO’s the last survivor Given the plot of the original game’s sequel, Joel’s fate is probably already clear. the last survivor The 2013 video game and the 2023 show follow Joel Miller across a post-apocalyptic world as he tries to protect teenage girl Allie Williams, the only one immune to the species-raving Cordyceps infection. People. Most were either dead or infected and turned into zombie-like creatures controlled by fungi.

Joel has lived an impressive 20 years. So if the TV show plays out like a game, he and Ellie will live the last survivor Part 1, Live happily ever after. But they won’t be out of the woods forever. The Last of Us Part 2, the second video game to be released in 2020. The time is set four years after the first game. It seals Joel’s fate – so what happens to him?

Joel died in our last game 2

joel died in The Last Survivor part two, His death was the catalyst for Ellie’s character arc. Early in the game’s plot, Joel and his brother Tommy rescue Abby Anderson from a group of infected people. They bring Abby back to her old Firefly team. The group turns to Joel and Tommy. Abby is revealed to be the daughter of the surgeon Joel killed at the end of the first movie the last survivorEllie and her girlfriend Dina come here to watch Abby beat to death Joel to avenge her father’s death.

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Joel’s death is the most devastating turning point in our lastEllie and Joel in The Last of Us Part 2

Joel and Ellie’s relationship became fractured between season one and part two the last survivor The video game, which makes his death an even more brutal plot point, leads Ellie on the same path of revenge as Abby. At the end of the first part the last survivor In the game, Abby’s father prepares to operate on Ellie to remove part of her brain, so Team Firefly hopes to use it to heal wounds. Unfortunately, this kills Ellie, so Joel keeps killing people to save her. When Ellie awoke, Joel lied about what had happened, telling her that Firefly had found others with immunity, but was unable to create a cure.

before the event Our Last Part 2, Ellie finds out Joel is lying and stops talking to him. When Abby killed Joel, they were just beginning to mend things, leaving Abby even more guilty than at first. However, she is relieved to learn that in their last conversation, she told Joel that she could forgive him. Later, she learns Joel isn’t dead because she hates him. Although the first game and the last survivor Part 1 tells about Joel’s pain for his daughter and the world he used to know, Our Last Part 2 Ellie’s pain was similarly considered.

When will Joel die on the TV show The Last Of Us?Pedro Pascal as Joel in Episode 6 of The Last of Us

There is some difference between the last survivor Games and TV shows, from minor plot changes to brand new characters. But so far, the overall plot remains the same. the last survivor The show has been renewed for a second season, says co-writer Craig Mazin IGN That thing Our Last Part 2 Correct “More than a season of a TV show,” Implying that it can be split into two seasons. Even if that wasn’t the case, Joel could have died from the last survivor Season 2 – maybe in the first episode. If the show were longer than the second, perhaps by digging deeper into the four years that passed between the two, Joel’s death could be the game’s perfect climax. the last survivor Season 2 finale.

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More time means Joel can live longer and can reach his potential the last survivor Season 3. HBO the last survivor The adaptation could also completely change the course of the plot and character arc, allowing Joel to survive throughout the film. But this is the opposite of The last survivor. Joel would live in a perfect world, but the series doesn’t depict a perfect world. Joel’s death helped Ellie learn the same lesson as Joel, so it’s crucial for Ellie’s future. the last survivor.

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