Unwanted Experiment MOD APK (Unlimited hints) 1.0.73

Unwanted Experiment builds a story full of drama and mystery. The plot revolves around quirky scientists and bad guys who get lost in the lab. When participating in this game, you will become the victim and rescue yourself. So when you fall into someone else’s trap, how easy is it to get out quickly? But anything is possible if you are smart and sharp. Kidnapped to a deserted place, the feeling of being left alone scares you. And the cluttered lab space and many weird shapes make you restless and want to leave as soon as possible. With your courage, let’s overcome the challenges with the Unwanted Test.

But what if you can’t leave that lab? As a result, you will be the next victim of a scientist’s crazy invention. Previously, in the village of Hidden Town, there lived a strange scientist. He did not speak or communicate with anyone in this village. Instead, he built a laboratory away from crowds to avoid nuisance. The villagers had seen the monster many times in that laboratory. Eric Dorian in the village was also curious and decided to check the rumor. But unfortunately, he was discovered and became a victim of that scientist. So your rescue has officially begun!

Download the Unwanted Experiments mod – save yourself from crazy inventions

It felt horrible when I opened my eyes and knew I was lost in a strange place and tied up. Young Erik Dorin, too, is overwhelmed and tries to find his way home. He needs your help to quickly solve the game’s puzzles and get him out safely. The player’s task is to find the necessary items and solve the puzzles in unexpected experiments. You need to find enough items for the 14 empty squares, but some of the things you see are just aids. These products are the key to open the secret box to get the right item. Collect enough items before the scientists find out you’ve succeeded.

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Unwanted test apk

coding puzzle

The unwanted experiment presents people with challenging but very interesting problems. If you are confident in your own intelligence, you will definitely do it. To complicate things further, you’ll decipher the pictures and find recipes for opening circuit breakers for tasks that require lights or secret boxes containing virtual objects. When solving puzzles, you need to have an overview of the entire room. The little things are also important in this rescue. Rely on the books on your shelf for successful coding tips. Make sure everything is done quickly. Otherwise, bad things will happen whenever scientists find you.

Unwanted experimental mod apk

Freeing another victim in the lab

You are not the only one who has fallen for this crazy invention. In addition to you, there is Alex Lauren, who works with a paranormal scientist who also became a victim. He and the scientist disagreed when creating the experiment. This argument led scientists to inject a drug containing the mutated virus into Alex’s neck. And turned half of his body into a terrible monster. Rescuing Alex is also one of your missions. Watch Alex manipulate his hand to unlock the mysterious box and get the ingredients to craft the antidote. He has a fingerprint to open the door, which helps him get out quickly.

experimental robot

Let’s get rid of the terrible invention together

After successfully making the antidote, you will now continue to solve puzzles with Alex to complete the task. The mysterious box is slowly opening, and the gates of hell are about to end. When you focus on it and use your 100 percent, you will definitely succeed. The questions are getting harder and harder, but it’s a testament to your thinking skills. As you solve puzzles, you keep inventing antidotes to prevent bad things from happening. Then you also open the door and run away. If you ever see that terrible scientist again, give him the antidote to get things back to normal.

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Unwanted test apk free

Unwanted Experiment promises to bring a playground to challenge your intellect and logical thinking. Maybe at first, things were too hard for you so you gave up. But when you put yourself in Eric’s shoes, you will be motivated to save yourself. Download the Unwanted Test mod and prove your puzzle solving abilities in this mysterious world.

Download Unwanted Experiment MOD APK (Unlimited Hints) for Android

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