Drew’s Husband Ralph Pittman Has Announced That He Will Write A Book About Parenting

On Sunday night, RHOA returned with a brand new dramatic episode. Drew and her husband, Ralph Pittman, sat down to talk before a vacation to Jamaica, with the latter admitting that he intends to publish a book about his stepfather and stepfather. This news confused both Drew and the viewers of the series. Drew talked about how Ralph informed her mother that he had spoken to Josiah’s real father about his adoption in episode 13 of RHOA, titled Rum Punch to the Gut. Ralph decided to leave things alone because he didn’t agree.

Drew is stunned and confused by his choice to create a book about his stepfather and stepfather and include his child in it without informing her. She further said she has no idea why he changed his mind or why he kept going back and forth. She described it as devastating. What irritated supporters wasn’t just the fact that Ralph unexpectedly dropped the news about Drew’s book. There was also the fact that even though he knew his wife wasn’t fully behind the concept, he wanted her to write the introduction and co-sign the book. In addition, the husband of the RHOA star did not want to reveal any details about the book to his wife.

Drew was confused as to what Ralph was going to write. She was also worried about how she would look in it. With so many questions in her head and still absorbing the news, she informed Ralph that she couldn’t write the foreword until she was completely behind it, which she wasn’t then. Fans who watched Drew and her husband clash took to social media to voice their opinions.

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Ralph is a sketchy husband 🤔 I wouldn’t listen to a word he has to say! #RHOA

— RyeBread (@BitchesloveRy) August 8, 2022

Ralph’s announcement about his stepdad book on RHOA Episode 13 surprised fans.

Followers on Twitter called Ralph “suspicious” for wanting to publish a book about Drew’s child. Some followers even thought he was rude for not telling his wife what he wrote in his book. Some have speculated that he wrote the book in order to profit from it. Here’s more on what happened this week on RHOA between Ralph and Drew.

When Drew questioned Ralph about his decision, he said:

“I don’t care if Ricky is in his life or not. I have arrived.”

Ralph Pittman

Drew said she just wanted time to digest the news and think about it. Ralph told his wife that she just had to follow his lead and he would make sure her child was safe. Afterwards, the RHOA actress and her husband met with his publisher. Drew informed her husband’s publisher that while she was happy about the book, she was also worried because she didn’t know about it at first, and it also involved her child, adding to her concerns.

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