Lost Ark: Pest Control Daily Quest Guide

pest control“One of the many daily tasks lost ark Players can complete missions to earn valuable rewards such as Harmony Jump Stones, Life Jump Stones, Honor Jump Stones, and small combat experience potions. The task is quick and easy to accomplish, making it a good source of honing material. However, before fans can participate”pest control,” they must meet three requirements.

The first and most immediate prerequisite is to obtain lost ark The ability to sail the waters of Aksia, which is gained at the end of the “East Lutera” quest lineset sail!“The second requirement is to unlock Oona’s quests, which make a diverse selection of daily and weekly quests available to adventurers once they reach character level 50. This should happen when players reach North Fern’s quest line. Chapter The third and final request was made”pest controlTwo yellow side quests are being completed at Black Tusk’s Lair, a small island off the southwest coast of Arnika.

First side mission lost ark What fans must complete is “black tooth house“A simple fetch task that requires players to clean up Black Fang’s home. In this task, players need to kill garbage mobs and clean up some objects. After that”black tooth house“Achieved,”Catching mice“will appear. This mission requires adventurers to eliminate the pesky Coast Rats that plague the island x 12. Once these lost ark The side mission has been completed and fans can accept “pest control“Daily tasks in Una’s mission.

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Lost Ark Pest Control Walkthrough

to complete”pest control” exist lost arkFirst, select “Adventure” in the lower right corner of the HUD and select Oona’s Quest to accept the quest. Alternatively, players can press Alt + J to open the menu. After receiving the mission, go to Black Fang’s lair. Once players arrive on the island, they may notice that no quest markers are active, depending on the time. the reason is”pest control“The task is divided into two subtasks:”Everyone, Charrrge!” and”careful! pirate!” These two will activate within 15 minutes. Therefore, players are advised to find the Mokoko seeds on the island while waiting for enemies to appear.

once”pest control“At the beginning, two hostile mobs will spawn in the south of Black Fang’s Lair. A pirate captain will spawn on the right bank, and several smaller pirates will spawn on the left. Killing these two mobs can get more loot, and players can Just defeat and complete the mission. After the battle, return to Ruri in the hut on the island to receive the mission reward.

lost ark Available on PC via Steam.

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