Eddie’s Chrissy Scene As Viral TikTok Song Will Get Stuck In Your Head

A new TikTok stranger things Season four took the scene between Eddie and Chrissy from the first volume and turned it into the perfect alarm. After a three-year hiatus, stranger things Returns to Netflix in May with the first seven episodes of Season 4. This season introduces The Upside Down’s new big villain Vecna, a telekinetic monster that transforms its victims into human pretzels while they’re in a trance. Of course, Season 4 re-acquainted viewers with some of their favorite characters and introduced new ones, including Hawkins High cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien) and Metallica/dungeons and dragons Enthusiast Eddie “Freak” Monson (Joseph Quinn).

Chapter One: The Hellfire Club positions the cheerleader as the first character to be brutally murdered by Vecner. Troubled by headaches and hallucinations, Chris goes to Eddie to buy drugs.Unfortunately, eventually stranger things In the season four premiere, the two appear in Eddie’s trailer, with Chrissy in a trance as he desperately tries to wake her up. And Quinn’s “Kris, wake up!I do not like this“The screams didn’t reach Van Dien’s character, they will now stay in the minds of fans everywhere.

User Schmoyoho (@schmoyoho) recently shared a TikTok featuring Eddie and Chrissy’s final scene. Stranger Things Season 4. The video captures Eddie’s panic and remixes it into an alert to the “Chriss and Chrissies” of the world. For those not by that name, it’s just a catchy jingle with over a million likes.

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Naturally, the internet turned one of the most harrowing moments of Eddie’s life into a viral jingle that now haunts TikTok users like Vecna ​​did to his victims.considering Stranger Things Season four became Netflix’s most-watched English-language TV show of all time within a month of its premiere, so it’s no surprise that many of its moments have been turned into memes and TikToks. After being inspired by Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” TikTokers even shared the song that could save them from Vecna’s curse, And equate Eddie’s panic with their panic when the computer freezes.

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Schmoyoho’s TikTok jingle proves yet again how stranger things Season 4 took the world by storm. Most of all, Eddie and Chrissy are a perfect example of how the show is good at introducing new characters that resonate with audiences just as much as the existing ones. The scene where Eddie and Chrissy are in the woods quickly reveals that they are multi-layered, charming characters that fans might want to see end up together. That is to say, stranger things Creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer admitted they regretted killing Chrissy in the first episode. However, if Kris is still alive, millions of “Chris and Kris” will have to find another way to wake up in the morning.

Source: Schmoyoho/TikTok

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