Star Wars Easter Egg Connects Baylan Skoll To Snoke


  • The striking resemblance between Beran Skor’s obsidian ring and Supreme Leader Snoke’s ring may hint at a connection between the two villains.
  • Obsidian is associated with the dark side of the Force and can serve as a conduit for hatred and rage, which makes it significant in the context of Beren’s character and power.
  • Both Beran Skor and Supreme Leader Snoke share similarities, both powerful dark side villains who pose a threat to Star Wars heroes, despite not being Sith themselves.

This article contains spoilers for Episode 3 of Ahsoka. Played by the late Ray Stevenson, the enigmatic Dark Jedi Baylan Skoll was introduced as the main villain in Ahsoka. Ahsoka – Seems an unlikely connection to Supreme Leader Snoke. Beran has proven to be a compelling, albeit enigmatic, role. He and his apprentice Shin Hati, played by Ivanno Sakhno, appear to be aligned with the dark side of the Force, despite Shin having the braids of a Jedi Padawan.

As expected, Ahsoka absolutely packed star wars Easter Egg. Some of these are unlikely, and in one case, seem to suggest a subtle connection between Beran and Supreme Leader Snoke, one of the main villains of the sequel trilogy. It’s unclear if this will have a significant impact, but the details may be intentional.

Both Baylan and Snoke wear obsidian rings

eagle eye star wars Viewers noticed what appeared to be an obsidian ring on Beran Sker’s finger. It’s unusual for a Jedi, or even a former Jedi, to wear something like this. In this case, though, it bears a distinct resemblance to one worn by one of the Supreme Leaders, Snoke.

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These may not be the same rings, but the similarities are still noteworthy. Obsidian is often associated with the dark side of the Force. As far as Supreme Leader Snoke’s ring is concerned, star wars The tie-in has confirmed that the ring is made from rock extracted from Darth Vader’s Sith temple under Mustafar’s castle. Ahsoka The trailer has confirmed that Beran Skor knew Anakin Skywalker and served with him in the Jedi Order, and he also seems to know that Anakin became Darth Vader – which is still a secret. This raises the possibility that he’s also connected to Darth Vader and may even have acquired obsidian from Mustafar.

Obsidian can be a channel to the dark side

The deadliest planet in the Mustafar system

Obsidian can be a gateway to the dark side, in fact Darth Vader’s armor is partially made of obsidian. This is because it can be filled with hatred, rage and rage. In fact, it could even serve as a power source for a red lightsaber, much like a kyber crystal “bleeded” by the Sith. It’s worth noting that while Belan has an unusual lightsaber, his lightsaber is certainly not powered by obsidian; it has a strange orange color, whereas obsidian-powered lightsabers are red.

Obsidian is a volcanic mineral often found where volcanoes erupt. This explains why it’s common on Mustafar, and why obsidian at least has a dark side to it. Mustafar is a powerful dark side deviant who was cursed long ago when an ancient Force user sought to conquer death. Darth Vader claimed to have the power of this connection and attempted (unsuccessfully) to use it for the same purpose. It’s unclear if Obsidian always charges in this way, but its connection to destruction suggests it does.

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Baylan Skoll and Snoke share a lot of similarities in Star Wars

Star Wars Baylan Orange Lightsaber

There are some odd parallels between Beran Skor and Supreme Leader Snoke.Both are powerful dark side villains who pose a great threat to the world star wars heroes, even though none of them are actually Sith. To become a Sith one must swear an oath to abide by their teachings. Supreme Leader Snoke seems to be purely self-serving, while Belan has so far shown to be focused on gaining power. That was the whole reason for his alliance with Morgan Elsbeth.

Both Belan and Snoke seem to be based on the villains from “Villains.” star wars Original trilogy. Snoke is introduced as an Emperor figure who lures one of the main heroes to the dark side and attempts to take control of the entire galaxy.Meanwhile, Belan is Darth Vader Ahsokawith many scenes based on scenes from Vader in the original trilogy Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Perhaps ironically, both serve a higher master; Beran was hired to work for Morgan Elsbeth, while Snoke inadvertently served Palpatine. It will be interesting to see if this obsidian ring becomes more important.

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