Elden Ring DLC Can Fix Torrent’s Biggest Lore Problem

Eldon’s Ring Introduces Torrent as if he were an important character, then refuses to detail his story. Not much is known about Torrent, despite being the only constant companion of the overshadowed champion. It is one of many unsolved mysteries Eldon’s Ringbut the DLC can – and should – give players more answers about the ghostly steed that carried them through the Lands Between.

Eldon’s Ring Put players in the role of gloomy champions, summoned by the grace of the Great Will, returning from long exile. Huge size Eldon’s Ring The map needs to give players a way to move faster than on foot, which makes the mountable version outside the dungeon the perfect solution. Eldon’s Ring A glitch has allowed Torrent to escape, he remains the most loyal ally of the Stained Champion.

Torrent first appeared after a scripted death following an early boss encounter. He takes Melina to see the Contaminated Champion, who is just beginning to regain consciousness. In this cutscene, Torrent proves that he’s sane enough to care about other people’s happiness and that he’s capable of ambition. After he smelled Tarnished, Melina replied to him, Don’t worry, Torrent, luck is on his side. “ Then Melina dismounted and said: “One of his races will surely seek Elden’s Ring… even if it violates the Golden Order…” This brief situation provides some important information about torrents. Finding the Debugger is his choice, and he’s willing to help him on his journey, even if it means finding Elden’s Ring and violating the Golden Order.

Torrent’s mysterious former owner may appear in Elden Ring DLC

only two Eldon’s Ring The characters mention the name of the torrent: Melina and Ranni. Both women seem to know Torrent’s previous owner well enough that they are tasked with delivering the ghostly steed’s whistle and bell to the Vandal. However, the previous owner of the torrent is never named, nor does it expand beyond the two entries that will go to the torrent’s next owner. Interestingly, Melina and Ranni are waterfall-like spirits, Melina says she has no body and Ranni admits she voluntarily gave up her body. This further deepens the mystery of Torrents’ previous owners, leaving players wondering why they chose spirit characters to pass on their spooky mounts, or whether why they chose Ranni and Melina has nothing to do with the fact that they don’t have bodies.

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as the financial statements show Eldon’s Ring DLC, which hopes to answer some lingering questions about the Middle Lands and its inhabitants. There are far too many legendary settings for Torrent and his previous masters to provide much more information about any of them. Players should learn more about their ghost steed, first appearing as its own character, and whether they can meet or fight the torrent’s ex-owner Eldon’s Ring.

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