Casting Sadie Sink In The MCU: 5 Marvel Characters She Could Play

Sadie Sink is a good candidate to join the MCU, and luckily for her, there are plenty of roles available to her. The franchise is always on the lookout for new talent, as its expansion across the multiverse shows no signs of stopping. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of interesting characters waiting to shine, whether it’s on the big screen, in Disney+ shows, or in all sorts of Marvel specials. strange things Season 1 is out on Netflix, and the cast has been at the center of discussion among Marvel fans, especially Sadie Sink.

The year 2021 proves that Sadie Sink is strange things‘ breakout star credits for her role in whaleNaturally, there are a lot of rumors about who Sink will play in the MCU, with some even suggesting she’s been cast. While Marvel wants to keep its decisions private, Sink has denied such rumors. However, she also revealed that if there was a suitable superhero role, she would definitely be excited and said “who wouldn’t want to play a superhero”. A great choice for an important Marvel character.

5 singing birds

Rumor has it that Sink is being considered for the role of Songbird. Melissa Gold played the screaming villain Mimi, which is characterized by her vocals and cross paths with various heroes like Captain America, Dazzler, and Hawkeye. Using the moniker Songbird, she’s a founding member of the Thunderbolts in the comics, a departure from the MCU’s current Team, which includes strange thingsThe Red Guardian, played by David Harbor, is actually the evil Master of Evil disguised as a hero. Despite the MCU’s stronger anti-hero stance, there’s still a chance for Songbird and the other original cast members to appear in the film. bolt as an antagonist.

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While rumors should be treated as trash, they actually have some merit. Songbird has some unexpected advantages over her, Sink is great in Max strange thingsHowever, like Max, Songbird gradually formed himself, understood who he was and what he was capable of, so he developed into a true hero. Casting Sink, a young but seasoned actress, was the perfect way for the MCU to develop Songbird on an equal footing, allowing them to showcase her transformation from villain to hero.

4 Mars

Mars flies through the sky

Phase 4 rapidly expands the MCU by officially introducing mutants like Namor and Ms. Marvel, and Sink could join. She’s perfect for Firestar, the fiery young mutant named Angelica “Angel” Jones, who debuted in 1981. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends As an imitation of the Human Torch. Since then, however, she’s lived a vibrant life in the comics, joining the New Warriors, Avengers, and X-Men. Interestingly, while she’s a mutant, her story isn’t entirely focused on the X-Men, so she’s a great choice to join the MCU alongside Namor or Ms. Marvel.

This will be a completely different character than any that Sink has worked on so far, and the MCU is ready for her intro. Spider-Man: No Place To ReturnSpider-Man can use new friends. Spiderman 4Possibly one of the missing movies for Phase 6, which could introduce Sink as an ally of Mars and the lone Spider-Man. Introducing her like this can help uncover important parts of the character’s history, and then when the X-Men get involved, they can delve into those stories appropriately.

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3 Gray Jeans

Jean Gray uses the Force of the Phoenix in Marvel Comics

Thank deadpool 3, Deadpool and Wolverine are coming, but the X-Men in general are still years away. However, Sink is the perfect choice to play Jean Grey, one of the most important X-Men. Naturally, she’s at the heart of Fox’s business x Men The franchise, played by Famke Janssen and Sophie Turner, could also apply to the MCU. Casting Sadie Sink in the role would define her as one of the series’ stars in the next great story, which will likely focus on mutants, although there are theories that the introduction Jean Gray’s may come sooner rather than later. Miracle.

Still, picking Sink would allow the MCU to showcase a lot of Jean Gray and the X-Men’s stories, especially if they don’t jump straight into the Dark Phoenix arc like Fox did twice. As Joan Grey, Sink can display her impressive range of motion, as Joan is usually very calm and considerate, but with her immense strength, she can lose control. This will be the perfect character after identifying Sinksstrange things Job.

Squirrel Girl 2

squirrel girl baking cake in magic comic

Another Marvel hero that doesn’t look like Max at all strange things It’s the squirrel girl. Max is cynical, sarcastic, and conceals deep wounds, while Squirrel Girl is full of energy. The MCU is ready for Squirrel Girl, especially with the addition of her Great Lakes Avengers teammate, Mister Immortal She-Hulk: LawyerOnce upon a time, she might have been seen as too eccentric, but if the audience agrees with talking raccoons, then a playful girl with a bushy tail and cute squirrel companion will does not matter. In fact, Squirrel Girl would be a good candidate for a Disney+ series or her own special showcase.

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Sink can bring immense strength and vulnerability to a character, making Squirrel Girl’s story more nuanced while still exuding the character’s charm and endearing wit. These characters can fight alone or team up with other heroes, from the Great Lakes Avengers to the main Avengers, and even the evolving Young Avengers. With Sink, Squirrel Girl can stand out even more than her bushy tail.

1 kitten Pryde

Kitty Pryde walks through walls

While she’s not the original X-Men, Katie Pryde has become one of the most recognizable members of the comics and TV shows, so the MCU should treat her appropriately and highlight her when the group appears. Kitty might be an unexpected fit for Sadie Sink, as there are some interesting similarities between her and Max. Both are perfect for young audiences, bold and loyal, with emotional maturity while remaining naive and fearful.

Just as it’s important to time the X-Men’s introduction correctly, they also really need to do a good job of playing the role of Kitty Pryde. They needed someone young and versatile who could mature into the role like she did in the comics, and Sadie Sink would be perfect. Especially if Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will chase him to the end, Sink could be paired with Wolverine. deadpool 3 and adaptive MCU Kitty Pryde and Wolverine miniseries. As Kitty Pryde, Jean Gray or any of these characters, Sadie Sink could have a long and interesting career after the MCU is over. strange things.

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