Elden Ring: How To Get The Crucible Tree Armor

The Crucible Tree set is one of the best heavy armor sets available at Elden’s ringideal for players who can choose a more defensive playstyle. Armor can make or break any character Elden’s ring Because the Defiler has to worry about defending against physical and magical attacks. Even with these two big types, players have to focus on different types of damage cancellation, and the Crucible Tree Set offers impressive resistance to all types of attacks.

While the Crucible Tree Set has impressive physical and magical defenses, it’s certainly suited to certain character builds, such as Warrior, Hero, or Wanderer Elden’s ring. Any power-conscious character will be able to make the most of this armor set, which includes a helmet, chest armor, gloves, and leg armor. Fortunately, all four items can be obtained from the same chest, but only after defeating Crucible Knight Siluria first.

Crucible Knight Siluria is one of the very few bosses of normal size Elden’s ring, the player will find the knight using the armor on their own. Although the knights attack fast and strong, their health is not as good as some other bosses in the game. Also, Crucible Knight Siluria is an optional boss that doesn’t need to be Elden’s ringthough leveling up before facing the night in the Deeprooted Abyss is a better decision than rushing into the fray.

Where to find the Crucible Tree in the Elden Ring

The Deeproot Depths’ location is underground, accessible by lying in a coffin after defeating Valiant Gargoyle in the Siofra Aqueduct. Alternatively, the player can also access the Deeproot Depths by navigating a hidden passage in the Omen Mohg boss room in the Underground Avoidance. When the player reaches the Root Abyss, they will find the Crucible Knigth Siluria at the foot of the great Erdtree, guarding the entrance to the interior of the Erdtree Root.

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After the player defeats the Crucible Knigth and obtains the Crucible Tree armor Elden’s ringForge magic damage is increased by 3.5% for each armor they have equipped. If all four parts of the Crucible Tree Set are worn, the total damage is increased by 15% due to the effect stacking multiple times. Additionally, some of this armor’s strongest attributes are 120 Immunity and 157 Durability, making it the perfect armor to counter opponents who are good at applying status effects.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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