Elden Ring: Where To Find Scavengers Curved Sword

Eldon’s Ring In terms of weapon selection, players are provided with many options, such as the amazing curved sword. This curved sword has an innate bleed effect that rapidly degrades enemies’ health in both PvE and PvP. The Scavenger’s curved sword also offers a lot of versatility, as it can be imbued with magical effects and infused Eldon’s Ring“Ashes of War”. In addition, the curved sword also looks very attractive and unique, as the blade is stained with blood and has many notches, giving it a scary jagged appearance.

Scavengers Curved Sword Bleed Innate is actually an effect called Bleed that is applied every time the player attacks an enemy. Each hit casts this effect on the target, and when it reaches a certain amount, it causes a bloody explosion that deals damage as a percentage of the enemy’s total health. Since the leader and strongest creature Eldon’s Ring Usually has a huge amount of health, this effect can deal huge damage throughout the game.

The bleeding effect can be improved by improving the complex attribute Elden’s ring. This doesn’t increase the amount of damage the target takes, but it does increase the number of stacked attacks, which means players with high Arcane will need fewer hits to activate the effect. bleed. However, it’s important to note that while most enemies in the game are prone to bleeding, their bleeding resistance can vary and some are even completely immune to this effect. .

How to get Scavenger’s curved sword in Elden Ring

Scavenger’s Curve requires the player to first enter the Altus Plateau, either by venturing through a canyon-covered village or by activating Dectus’ Great Elevator Eldon’s Ring. Elevator activation requires the player to travel to Heightsburg, east of Limgrave and Farosburg, in the Keliddragon region. At the top of each fortress, the player will find halves of medals that, when combined, can be used to ride the Dectus Cable Car to the Altus Plateau. If the player chooses to walk through the Misty Village in the Gorge, they’ll need to defeat a somewhat difficult boss, the demonic dragon Marka, to reach the finish line.

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Elden Ring Scavengers Curved Sword Location Map Altus Plateau Mount Galmere

After reaching the Altus Plateau, the player can head northeast to find a mysterious forest with a Elden’s ringSmall Erdtrees. Follow that tree north to the windmill, then west on the main road to Mount Germere. At the Bridge of Sin Grace ruins, continue west to find the ladder leading to the cliff above. After passing the enemy camp, use the naturally formed bridge in the northwest direction to cross the ravine to the opposite bank. There, the player will see a ladder in front of them next to a broken cart with the Curved Scavenger Sword inside.

Eldon’s Ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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