Elden Ring: Where To Find The Mask Of Confidence

The mask of confidence is the helmet Elden’s ring Worn by mentor Seluvis, the witch’s rogue partner Ranni. However, this helmet is a standalone helmetless variant of Preceptor’s Big Hat (the headgear from Preceptor’s Set). So those who want to wear Seluvis’ grotesque mask without his giant hat can use the Mask of Confidence. When equipped, this mask Elden’s ring The mask grants its wearer +3 Arcane, which determines item discovery and bleeding accumulation.

Take the mask of confidence Elden’s ring, unclean explorers must explore the Reversal Cairhien Study. Towers can be exchanged with the Carian Inverted Statue, a quest item obtained after completing Ranni’s request. To obtain this statue, the player must first defeat the Royal Knights Loretta, passing through the Caria Manor. They can then go to Lani Heights in the Three Sisters to make a deal with the Moonlight Princess.

Ranni will ask the tarnished traveler to bring her Nokron’s hidden treasure, also known as the Fingerslayer Blade. Once Ra’dan is defeated and the entrance to the cave south of the Forest of Mist opens, Nokron, the Eternal City above the Siofra River will be able to enter. Elden’s ring Fans can enter this giant hole and enter Nokron. Fingerslayer Blade can be found in the Sacred Land of the Dark, an area of ​​the Eternal City accessible from the cliffs south of the Ancestral Forest. Once the player has obtained the sword, they can return to Lani in the Spire and get the Carian Inversion.

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Confident mask position in Elden Ring

Next, head to the famous Carian Study Hall on the west cliffs of Liunia of the Lakes Elden’s ring. The entrance to the lab is on the lower north slope of the tower, connecting to the trailhead at the East Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. Once inside, place the statue on a pedestal near the globe in the center of the lobby to activate the statue. A cutscene will play and the player will then be able to explore the reversed version of the Carian Classroom.

Enter the giant tower ahead, but beware of the smaller Fingercreepers guarding the entrance. From the platform that looks like a chocolate bar, turn left and walk along the ledge to the east end. Carefully fall to the high ledge below and turn around to find a dead body hanging in a small hole. Take the corpse to get the Confidence Mask Elden’s ring.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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