Jumbo Airport Story MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, Research Point) 1.2.1

APK information of Jumbo Airport Story MOD

1. Menu2. Unlimited Money*3. Unlimited research points** increase instead of decrease

An art-style airport simulation called Jumbo Airport Story. In a deserted suburb, there is a vast undeveloped land. Here you can find an ideal site for an airport with a long runway and a large garage. While there are no epic battles in Jumbo Airport Story, there are no violent conflicts either. But Jumbo Airport Story has captivated players with the visit of millions of tourists around the world. From here, you will be taken on transcontinental flights to different countries and establish your base there.

The airport operates day and night and is always as bright as day. Build many entertainment and relaxation places that customers can find while waiting for their flight or just getting off the plane. Because in addition to collecting money through commercial flights, it is also a significant source of revenue for players. A small tip for players, should start with a cafe or bookstore for visitors to rest. Then create great passive income. Airport gate is written Airport. A small cafe in the corner with blue shirt staff. Next to it is a bookstore with a librarian in blue.

Download Jumbo Airport Story mod – Self-built airport with sweat and effort attracts millions of tourists.

Airports that are too large can make travel tiring. Dotted rows of blue seats throughout the airport. Customers can sit down and rest at any time. To increase the relaxation and relaxation for the eyes, the corners of the buildings are placed more trees and ornamental plants. Because the airport uses blue as the main tone, it gives the viewer a soothing feeling. Therefore, the floor is completely paved with green stone. Many entrance areas and rows of doors are made of transparent glass. Surrounding the facade are wide roads and walkways. People come and go in a hurry, books are busy up and down. More satisfied visitors will generate experience and money to build.

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Treasure Airport Story Mod apk

open entertainment

Players have to take a long time to get rich if waiting for the flight. Instead, build more shops, restaurants, bookstores, amusement parks, etc. from there, they can earn more money to buy decorations. Check-in and check-out areas are arranged for guests to easily observe. In a small restaurant with two or three sets of tables and chairs, staff in green aprons stood at the counter. Beverage shop with a wide variety of drinks. Next to the luggage carousel are a few pots of roses and peach blossoms. Blue, red and white vending machines are located near the wall next to the exit door. The exit gate has a sign with the words Black and gray check-in counter gate.

Jumbo Mod Airport Story

fly to all countries

Jumbo Airport Story provides a world map when the player clicks on the map. See where your destination is and the name will appear on the map. For example, on an unnamed island in the sea. Set of landing spots with three flying yellow planes. The image of Dongcheng is two blue and red buildings on a green lawn. Awesome Airport has miniature aircraft models next to the airport. The North Sea lies on a snow-covered island. Next to each place name is a small image representing a notable feature or place in the area.

Jumbo Airport Story apk free

many planes

Serving millions of tourists and different countries around the world. Jumbo Airport Story brings together planes from many airlines. Airplanes all take white as the main color. The difference is that some have additional bands of blue, green or red. The tail of the aircraft is also different, there are vertical wings, there are two small horizontal wings parallel to the wings. The wing can have jet tubes or one or two propellers. There are propeller planes for short flights and small numbers of passengers. When full of passengers, follow the instructions to exit the flight path and fly up.

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Jumbo Airport Story android

Before a flight with hundreds of passengers, you should check the information of that flight. There is a table showing the name of the plane and the destination country. The airline model, number of passengers, and appearance are shown in the right row. Passengers also differ in appearance and work. There are young people wearing colorful floral dresses. Office workers still wear business attire. Airport staff wear gray protective suits. In the Jumbo Airport Story mod, the hand holding the red baton attracts the attention of the guides and other staff.

Download Jumbo Airport Story MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, Research Points) for Android

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