Genshin Impact Theory: Caribert Is Actually Kaeya

Genshin Shock Version 3.5 of Archon Quest “Calibert” revealed a lot about the lore of Abyss Order (the Traveler’s sibling) and Kaeya (one of the most popular playable characters in the game). Kaeya has been a part of Genshin Impact since the game’s launch, and has captivated countless fans with her age-old deception and careless attitude. He also attracts fans based on his interesting storyline involving the ruined Khaenri’ah country. The Order of the Abyss founder’s reveal could provide players with important clues about Kaeya’s past.

Kaeya is a Cryo Genshin Shock During Mondstadt Archon Quests, all players can get a starting character for free. He is Captain Calvary of the Order of Favonius and the adopted brother of Diluc, the owner of Dawn Winery. He is very popular in Monderstadt, but hides strange secrets and makes him seem ruthless beneath his charming exterior. Only when the player unravels his character’s story do they learn his secrets and see Genshin Shock Archon quest “Caribert”.

Who is Kaeya Alberich in Genshin Impact?

Kaeya’s connection to Khaenri’ah is still a mystery Genshin Shock. Most of the information about Kaeya’s life before Mondstadt comes from Character Story 4 and his Vision section. Kaeya was brought to Mondstadt by his father, a Khaenri’ahn and allegedly implanted in Mondstadt as a spy for Khaenri’ahn, so his relationship with his 22-year-old brother Diluc became strained. Genshin Shock. Not sure what Kaeya was supposed to do, but his father’s last words to him were that he was Khaenri’ah’s “last hope”, as Character Story 4 put it.

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Although Kaeya and her parents’ duties are not known in the country Genshin Shock, whose surname Alberich is associated with Khaenri’ah. Before the disaster that destroyed Khaenri’ah, the Alberich family was aristocratic. Dainsleif is one of the best sources of Khaenri’ahn lore in the game, revealing that it was Alberich who founded the Abyss Cult, not a sibling of the Traveler. Kaeya is directly related to the founder Chlothar Alberich, referred to as Eide in “Caribert”. After the player has unlocked the quest “Caribert” Genshin Shockthey will meet Chlothar’s son, Caribert, who may just be the old version of Kaeya.

How Caribert became Kaeya in Genshin Impact

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Caribert was the bastard son of Chlothar, half Khaenri’ahn, half Mondstadt. When Celestia cursed Khaenri’ah, all 100% of Khaenri’ahn’s citizens were cursed with immortality and constant pain, and those hybrids became hilichurls or one of their variants. That’s what happened to Caribert. Events for the quest “Caribert” Genshin Shock A mysterious power is revealed to help him regain his memory, but when Calibert sees his face behind the mask, he is destroyed by the power of the abyss.

Kaeya’s connection is not the same as Albedo’s origin Genshin Shock, where he was created by a Khaenri’ahn, but not part of the country. Kaeya is Khaenri’ahn. Khaenri’ah Current legends suggest that there is still a group of Khaenri’ahn living in their devastated homeland, but these may have been purebred citizens who avoided becoming monsters. These people can be indicated by their Primogem death pupils. Kaeya has these pupils, but unlike the other characters. Chlothar and Dainsleif have large and hollow pupils, while Kaeya’s eyes have a smaller, more compact Primordial shape.

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This distinct pupil shape suggests that Kaeya has no pure Khaenri’ahn lineage, according to Genshin Shock Knowledge. So the curse on Khaenri’ah was supposed to affect him, turning him into a hilichurl like Genshin ShockHilichurl is abnormal. If Caribert’s interaction with the Abyss hadn’t killed him, it might have helped push him back to humanity, but erased many of his memories. Chlothar may have changed Kaeya’s name to Kaeya and kept him in his mother’s hometown many centuries later as part of the “Loom of Fate” project. Genshin Shock plot point.

Fate presented itself as another clue that Kaeya could be Caribert. At the end of the quest “Caribert” Genshin ShockChlothar calls his son the Weave of Destiny. The Weave of Destiny is an important activity of the Abyss Cult, related to and related to their vengeance against Celestia. Genshin ShockThe mysterious god of the unknown. Caribert said the key plan could involve what her father Kaeya calls the nation’s “last hope”. Kaeya who used to be hilichurls will also explain why he can understand the language of hilichurls.

Unfortunately, there are several holes in this theory that must be addressed. It is unclear how Caribert turned from the fearsome hilichurl centuries ago into Captain Kaeya of Calvary. It is also possible that Kaeya was related to Chlothar through siblings or legal children. However, the connection between Kaeya and Caribert Genshin Shock This theory can’t be ignored, as it will lead the game along a fascinating path, and one that’s well-suited to twists and turns that players will love.

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Source: Abyss Game/YouTube

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