Captain Marvel’s First MCU Mission Is What Avengers 5 Really Needed

Captain Marvel (2019) established an MCU story Vengeance Squad 5 more than multiverse.back Avengers: EndgameIt’s clear that if the MCU wants to do a remake of such a big Avengers crossover, they need the multiverse. However, while matching or surpassing Endgame If that’s Marvel’s goal, the Avengers franchise will benefit from the non-universe narratives leading up to Phase 6.

While the MCU rarely adapts certain comic books or storylines one-on-one, the franchise has contained some of the biggest Avengers comic arcs to date. This includes the Avengers’ first mission against Loki, the standalone version of Age of Ultron And civil warAnd infinity gloves event. However, one of the classic Avengers-related stories missing from the MCU is the Kree-Skrull war.

Captain Marvel tells the story of the Kree-Skrull conflict (with minor changes)

The MCU has incorporated the Kree-Skrull war Captain Marvel (2019) story. The difference is that instead of bringing the conflict to Earth and making it a big deal, the MCU simply determined that the Kree and Skrull had been at war for years. Marvel also revealed that Captain Marvel believes the Kree are right, whom she trained her whole life after losing her memory. From Carol Danvers’ point of view and from the viewer’s point of view, the first few minutes Captain MarvelSkrulls are the threat that Captain Marvel faces.

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However, the MCU prequel soon revealed that Talos and the other Skrulls the film follows were in fact victims of the Kree Empire’s ruthlessness. Captain Marvel It is revealed that the Skrulls are refugees who have lost their war against the Kree for many years and are now trying to find a new home with the help of a mysterious light-speed drive. Instead of causing a major war on Earth, or even a secret invasion of Earth by the Skrulls, Captain Marvel It was about protecting the surviving Skrulls from the Kree Empire. Considering the number of times the Avengers and Fantastic Four faced off against the Skrulls, Captain MarvelThe story is refreshing.

The Kree-Skrull War Is What Avengers 5 Needs (Not the Multiverse)

The Avengers and the Kree-Skrull War

While introducing the conflict between the Kree and the Skrull Captain Marvel It makes sense for Carol Danvers’ origin story that the Kree-Skrull war could be an Avengers-level story. In fact, an adaptation of the events of the comic book Kree-Skrull War could be perfect. Vengeance Squad 5 story.Instead of jumping straight into the multiverse kangaroo dynastycoming out in six years Avengers: EndgameThe MCU’s Multiverse saga could have had a “smaller, more independent” Avengers movie in Phase 4 or 5. Marvel’s Phase 4 struggles with a lack of Avengers movies, an issue that could drag extended to Stage 5.

The Kree-Skrull War Is Adapted To Vengeance Squad 5The MCU’s story will allow Phase 4 or 5 of the MCU to tell a grand crossover story that remains separate from the vast multiverse. Letting the Avengers join the war between the Krees and the Skrulls will facilitate the MCU’s new Avengers team, which has been a mystery since. Endgamewill be revealed and fight together before the Phase 6 multiverse. kangaroo dynasty And secret war are quite complicated movies, that’s why there’s a separate movie Vengeance Squad 5 Adjusting something like a Kree-Skrull fight would work.

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Can the Kree-Skrull War Story Still Happen in the MCU?

Captain Marvel Kree Skrull Great Intelligence War

The MCU doesn’t seem interested in reusing the Kree-Skrull storyline, especially an Avengers-level story. It means, Captain MarvelThe story of the Skrulls seems to be being remade secret invasionInspired by the comic book of the same name, the MCU’s Secret Invasion TV show will reveal that the Skrulls have been hiding on Earth thanks to their shape-shifting abilities. Considering that Talos has worked closely with Nick Fury since the 1990s, secret invasion It is likely that a new Skrull faction will be introduced that does not share Talo’s appreciation for Earth. Oddly enough, Talos is currently having some feud with Carol Danvers.

SEARCH now exists in the MCU, including space bases like Spider-Man: Far From HomeThe scene at the end of the credits. Considering how SWORD, Kree, and Skrull intertwine in the comics, there are still plenty of ways for the MCU to revisit the Kree-Skrull conflict. Captain Marvel Can’t See The Kree Empire’s Failure – Ronan The Accuser In Guardians of the Galaxy, for example – they may still appear again. The status of the Krees and Skrulls in the MCU will become apparent in Phase 5, when Carol Danvers returns to space. Captain Marvelnext part Miracleand Nick Fury reveal “Secret Invasion”.

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