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Elizabeth Keuchler is a famous American film and television actress and member of a prominent family, best known as the younger sister of Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin is an American actor, political activist, director, comedian and writer.


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Elizabeth Keuchler’s Age and Biography

Elizabeth Keuchler was born in the United States of America on October 15, 1955. She was born on October 15, so her zodiac sign is Scorpio. He has a fair complexion and is half-white.

In terms of ethnicity, Elizabeth Baldwin Keuchler’s ancestry is German, English, Franco-Canadian, Irish, and Scottish. Her Christian parents, who were Catholic Christians, raised her in the United States.

Her father’s name is Alexander Rae Baldwin, and her mother’s name is Carol M. Baldwin. Her father, Alexander Rae Baldwin, was a high school football coach and history and sociology teacher, according to the report. Oh, did I mention that Elizabeth Baldwin has five siblings in total?

Is Elizabeth Keuchler married? husband and children

Specifically, Elizabeth Keuchler is married. She married her longtime boyfriend, Charles Keuchler, with whom she had a long-term relationship. And, according to the source, the couple started dating since high school.

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Elizabeth married Charles Keuchler in 1976. According to various sources, their wedding was so private that only the couple’s family and close friends attended. The ceremony took place in Massapequa, New York, USA.

Elizabeth and her husband Charles Keuchler have six children after more than four decades of marriage. Their children’s names are Jessica Keuchler, Jean Keuchler, John Keuchler, Jennifer Keuchler, Jacqueline Keuchler and Jill Keuchler.

Elizabeth Keuchler Net Worth

Elizabeth Keuchler’s net worth is estimated at around $8 million. Her net worth stems from her position as an executive at Baldwin’s company. Furthermore, her brother, Alec Baldwin, is estimated to be worth $60 million. William Baldwin, her other brother, is estimated to be worth $6 million. Meanwhile, her family (the Baldwin family) is worth about $100 million.

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