Emiru Stated That She Gave Dyrus A Second Chance In Their Relationship

Dyrus, a former professional League of Legends player, has been in a relationship with another player, Emiru, since 2016. They are considered the ‘ideal couple’ in the gaming and streaming communities thanks to their amazing connections. Charming farce on live streams. However, many of their followers were surprised to learn that their favorite gaming couple is about to split in 2020.

Dyrus gets a second chance in a relationship

Twitch stream fans were excited to watch their favorite couple play the game together. But they didn’t know that Dyrus and Emiru were on the verge of giving up. Dyrus took to Twitter on May 1, 2020 to reveal what was going on between him and his girlfriend. In a tweet, he said he wanted to be open about his relationship. He admitted that he had hurt his fiancée emotionally and psychologically and that they were on the verge of breaking up.

Dyrus continued his statement by saying that his partner gave their relationship a second chance and that he is also looking into rehab. Dyrus also begged for forgiveness, apologized to everyone and pointed out he shouldn’t have posted the previous post – a tweet from April has since been deleted. However, he responded to the post, saying he had made a “huge mistake and said some bad things” and was trying to correct it. I want to be completely honest about what happened. We’re breaking up because I’ve broken Emily’s spirit.

But now he’s giving me another chance and I’m going to consult. I’m sorry for making everyone worry about me. I shouldn’t have tweeted about it. — Marcus Dyrus (@Dyrus) May 1, 2020 Your prediction for the content of the deleted tweet was exactly the same as ours. But let’s hope the cute couple will have a good relationship.

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Timeline of the Emiru-Dyrus . relationship

The Twitch broadcast duo have been together for over four years. Although he started dating in June, this player announced his fiancée on December 2, 2016 after sharing a beautiful photo on Instagram. Since then, the two have remained together and supported each other in every stage of their lives. Since both are streamers, it is common to see them playing games together and promoting each other on their own channels. Not only that, they also do not hesitate to share pictures of each other on social networks. For example, Emiru took to Twitter on Valentine’s Day 2017 to post some beautiful photos of herself and Dyrus. Attached to the photos is a touching sharing expressing gratitude to her husband for always loving and supporting her.


In the third year of their relationship, the former League of Legends player posted an animated photo of the two kissing on June 21, 2019. In the caption, he confessed to his girlfriend and said they have been dating for three years. Dyrus hasn’t said anything new about his relationship since the announcement. However, based on the fact that he hasn’t deleted any posts with his girlfriend, it might be fair to say that they are still together.

Who is Emiru?

Dyrus’s girlfriend is a costume designer. Her Instagram account, Emiru.jpg, showcases her artwork depicting various anime characters. He also likes to play video games. So much so that in an October 17, 2019 tweet, she revealed that she broke up with her high school boyfriend after he made her choose between him and League of Legends. She put the game in front of him and continued.

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